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CoinDeal Token ICO Review : Claim Your 100 Free CoinDeal Tokens


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About CoinDeal Token

CoinDeal Token is an internal exchange token that was created to create additional functionality within the cryptocurrency exchange platform that is CoinDeal. The token will allow for lower fees, more crypto and fiat pairings, as well as staking the token via CoinDeal to i.e. lower your market maker fee to even 0.0000%. CoinDeal takes into account lessons learned from the previous mishaps and inefficiencies that have plagued the market since its inception. CoinDeal Token are set on creating an exchange for all of traders and investors, with the unique benefits. A lack of Fiat availability and Fiat pairings is another task that CoinDeal Token is set oncorrecting within the crypto market, bridging the existing world of finance with the new possibilities of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based assets. One stop shop exchange with various cryptos, a multitude of fiats, learning
materials, gamification, and more.

Basic Information

Token NameCoinDeal Token
Token SymbolCDL
Social MediaCoinDeal Token ICO Review : Claim Your 100 Free CoinDeal TokensCoinDeal Token ICO Review : Claim Your 100 Free CoinDeal TokensCoinDeal Token ICO Review : Claim Your 100 Free CoinDeal Tokens
Soft cap
Hard cap=====
Tokens for sale
50,000,000 CDL
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Problems of current cryptocurrency exchanges

The current model of cryptocurrency exchanges has proven to be inefficient and even dangerous to their customers.

Security concerns: Some of the largest exchanges currently in operation have a history marked with security breaches and stolen funds. The largest, of course, was the infamous
MtGox hack, but many other exchanges have been compromised, having user data and funds stolen. Some eventually repaid the affected users, and some quietly closed up shop. Such amateur levels of security are unacceptable when dealing with user funds and personal data.

Regulation and lack of compliancy: Banks and licensed brokers will continue to struggle with cryptocurrency adoption until more transparent regulation makes their handling explicit. At present, transparent regulatory frameworks are not available in most markets.
Additionally, many national regulatory bodies have not come to agree on a common industry definition for “security tokens” versus “utility tokens.” As a result, many major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world’s leading economic capital markets are yet unregulated.

Lack of crypto educational resources: Even among Millennials a lack of education is felt, with 40% saying that the main reason they don’t invest in cryptocurrencies is due to limited educational resources. However, despite the 2018 bear market, it hasn’t done much to slow investors’ interest in the industry. In fact, the survey found that 97% of both Millennial and Gen X crypto traders said they are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.

Revenue model of CoinDeal Token

Trading fees

The standard trading fees are 0.4% Taker and 0.3% Maker. These fees however will be significantly lowered when using the CoinDeal Token.

Withdrawal fee

Charge a small fee for withdrawals; the amount differs depending on whether it is a cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Withdrawal fees will also be lowered when using the CoinDeal token.

Listing fee

CoinDeal token does have a listing fee for new cryptocurrencies that wish to be added to the exchange. Make sure the vision and function of the asset is safe, and complies with all
security guidelines of exchange.

CoinDeal and proposed solutions

Security and full compliance, including KYC/AML: CoinDeal requires all users to go through full KYC / AML in order to use the platform. Trading without first going through KYC / AML. At this time, CoinDeal is using Jumio – one of the largest players in the space. The company is looking to create its own KYC/AML solution in the near future.

2 factor authentication and cold storage: Two-factor authentication(2FA) is a requirement for any user wishing to withdraw funds from CoinDeal Token Exchange. Without proper 2FA, logging into an account with stolen credentials and withdrawing funds is simply too easy. In orderto fully secure funds, only 5 -10% are in the system at any given moment. 90% are stored offline, and are only accessed when the need arises.

Fiat currency support: CoinDeal Token already offers 5 Fiat currencies for deposit and withdrawal: USD, GBP, PLN, EURO, RUB the highest volume cryptocurrencies are also
offered with Fiat pairings. Plan to offer as many Fiat pairings, deposits, and withdrawals
as will be possible.

CoinDeal Token features

  • Quick support 24/7.
  • Transparent platform fund.
  • The highest security.
  • Voting system for new cryptocurrencies.
  • Affiliate program.

Services tailored to both inexperienced and advanced users

CoinDeal Token feel have an ethical and moral obligation to new and nexperienced users. Enforce 2-factor authentication on all CoinDeal accounts – there is no way to use a CoinDeal account without this function. Also, as stated above, all accounts go through KYC / AML, so even when a malicious actor wants to to liquidate another users crypto and send it to an off-exchange wallet he cannot do so from an anonymous account (like on Binance, Kraken, Liqui, and many others.




Ali Amirliravi, International Banker and Commodity trader

Luca Peretti, Banker, oil and gas dealer, strategics negotiator

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