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Coinicor.com Hyip Review : Profit Earn Upto 1.5% daily


Recent Status : SCAM

About Coinicor.com

Coinicor.com is a future investing platform that consists all earning ways in one place. Besides Forex trading, currency exchange and Crowdfunding, there is a Blockchain. This is an innovative technology that creates opportunity. It is a relatively new and advancing technology, and is finding its way into many financial uses and applications. The core principles of the technology mean that its potential is endless.

Coinicor.com thousands of companies and industry leaders have already achieved significant business benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed of transactions, and reduced costs. All these Blockchain benefits comes for one main reason – the money has to be made.

Basic Information

Min Investment
Min Withdraw====
Avg. Refer Rate4 Level Refer System 3% – 1% – 1% – 1%
Payment Type
Company TypeHyip
Web I.P====
Company AddressU.K
Company No11556303
Payment AcceptedBitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Dogecoin, Eth,

Investment Plan Of Coinicor.com

The investment of the company’s customers is stored both from a technical and legal point of view. The company is responsible for the safety of funds on their accounts and their multiplying by working in the real estate market.

  • 1.5% daily income for lifelong

Complete Review Of Coinicor.com

Making investment markets accessible and understandable to everyone – this the main idea of Coinicor.com. In order to invest, earn and profit from Blockchain you need to be well prepared. In today’s fast-changing world, majority of people do not have time to learn. Even those who try often fail due to the complexity of these new technologies. This is the point where COINICOR can help you by offering its services. No thinking of risk and investment management – just profiting.

Coinicor.com clients can enjoy the benefits from diverse investment portfolios in a simple and unified interface with investment package. Another COINICOR benefit is easy and innovative platform for every user, all of the information on the platform accessible on web interface. The diversified investment strategy allows to generate income from investment options 24/7.

Special Features Of Coinicor.com 

Forex trading  

It is the exchange of one currency for another, made at an agreed price.

Digital exchange

Profit from most popular cryptocurrencies around the globe.

P2P exchange

Is a new field of exchanges which is under strong development.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining pools returns profit and helps the industry.

Affiliate Program

You will receive 10 % affiliate commissions from your 1st level partner’s investment, 3% – from 2nd level parner’s investment, 1% – from 3rd and 4th level partner’s investment.

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Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

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