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Coinmarketalert Ico Review : Cryptocurrency Price Alert & Notification Service

About Coinmarketalert

CoinMarketAlert is a cryptocurrency price alert system that issues email or push notification to all  connected devices whenever a selected cryptocurrency increases or decreases in price, this system  comes out of the box with various level and type of alerts which promises to help you make a profit in  every of your transaction, it also helps secure your investment by notifying you of every movement that  sets your investments at a loss. It also comes with a unique feature that allows you to receive a call-back  or webhook notification, Telegram messenger or Telegram group alert in near-real-time, which can be  set to hourly, daily, or any preferred metric notification. This coin pricing data will be imported from  ,, a platform that provides aggregated coins price from many cryptocurrency exchange. Launched in Late 2017, CoinMarkertAlert currently helps almost 10,000 customers protect their cryptocurrency investments.

Basic Information

Token NameCoinmarketalert
Token SymbolCMA
Social MediaCoinmarketalert Ico Review : Cryptocurrency Price Alert & Notification ServiceCoinmarketalert Ico Review : Cryptocurrency Price Alert & Notification ServiceCoinmarketalert Ico Review : Cryptocurrency Price Alert & Notification Service
Token Price 0.10 CHF /0.10 USD
Protocol ETH
Total Supply500m CMA
Bounty Program5m CMA
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The CMA Token

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA” which power the CoinMarketAlert platform. The CMA Token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and designed to be used by members of the CoinMarketAlert platform. Following this standard, CMA tokens will be easily transferable between users on ERC20-compatible wallets and we have future plans to integrate it into major exchanges around the world for the transaction.

CMA Token Usage

CMA Tokens are a utility token designed to be utilized within the CoinMarketAlert platform for member subscriptions, advertising services and to unlock access to smart alerts and dashboards within the Alerts Pool when released. CMA tokens can also be used as credits for other services offered by Coin Market Group as listed in roadmap below.

How To Purchase Cma Token

Purchase CMA tokens directly from your account dashboard during the crowdsale period only. First, deposit ETH/BTC or Cash into your account and then purchase CMA tokens from the Buy Tokens page within your account. A total of 350 Million CMA tokens can be purchased. The CMA token price will be 0.05 CHF/USD for CMA Members and 0.10 CHF/USD for Non Members. Minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH.

How To Create Price Alerts

CMA tokens are distributed to user when they create their favorite price alerts on CoinMarketAlert. Simply create an alert and then login to your account to see your CMA balance. Users with Premium accounts will receive 0.01 CMA Tokens, while users with Free accounts will receive 0.001 CMA Tokens per price alert created, up to a max of 20 per day for all members. In the future, Platinum level members will receive 0.06 CMA Tokens and Gold members will receive 0.03 CMA Tokens. Note: CoinMarketAlert reserve the right to modify the CMA alert rewards distribution amount based on the current CMA Token market price.

Cma Bounty Program

Earn CMA Tokens by participating in bounty program. To claim your bounty, fill out the form located:Here for each bounty completed. We will confirm and award CMA tokens to your CoinMarketAlert account once crowdsale is ended.

Cma Contrubutiors

Earn CMA Tokens by contributing cryptocurrency and blockchain related new and articles on our blog. Articles should be min of 500 words will be approved before published. Contributor will receive 20 CMA for each published article. Contributor program with start after token crowdsale has ended.

Cma Current Future Account

Free Live

  • Cryptocurrency Price Alert
  • Profit & Loss Alert
  • Premium 7-day Free Trial

Premium Live

  • Cryptocurrency Price Alert
  • Profit/Loss Alert
  • Volume Change (By %) Alert
  • Price Change (By %) Alert
  • New Coin Alert
  • Market Cap (By %) Alert
  • Total Crypto Market Cap Alert

Powerd Smart Business

They are currently building data warehouses and KPI alarms to create smart alerts. Smart Alerts = BI + Alerts + Trusted Self Service. This will provide a very simple flexible system to enable users to define calculations of key values, build their own dashboards and calculated key indicators directly on the CoinMarketAlert platform.

Andy Strebel CEO – IT Professional
Roderick Warren PM, Crypto Miner
Thomas Bärlocher Finance & Strategy
Benjamin Abbenseth Investment & Strategy
Oliver Vrieze Marketing & Sales
Areeb Majeed Web and Blockchain Developer

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