CoolWallet Review : Best Way To Store Your Cryptocurrency

It is recommended to use a CoolWallet  hardware wallet to safely store bitcoins. However, in most cases, the use of a hardware wallet requires a personal computer.

To set up a beginner using Bitcoin for PCs, moving bitcoins, storage becomes tending to be a heavy load with heavy traffic and hot wallets.

Card Type Wallet

CoolWallet  offers card type bitoin wallet CoolWallet is a credit card size hardware wallet.

It is a simple button making with only one button and a liquid crystal display on the card, and the operation is done by the company’s smartphone application.

Operation is performed using the smartphone application, and bitcoins can be safely stored easily. There is no connection using USB etc. It is possible to input password and send and receive bitcoin by synchronizing with smartphone using Bluetooth. You can own up to five accounts.

CoolWallet Security

You can manage private key with restore phrase, you can select phrase or sequence. Keys are stored in cards rather than smartphones or clouds, so they are not exposed to the Internet environment and can maintain high security.

In addition, it has a WatchDog alert function and warns you when the linked device and wallet are more than 10 meters away. This helps to prevent the loss or misplacement of Wallet.

The CoolWallet card which looks cool is also excellent in portability, it can also be stored in a wallet. It has convenience similar to credit cards and more security.

It is made of highly flexible plastic material and it is hard to break with water proof. The card is battery-powered and charged with the enclosed NFC charger.

In recent years, bit coins have caught people’s attention, and many new entrants have bought bitcoin. Some users do not have a PC, and there are quite a few users who use their smartphones. In addition, the number of people using only smartphone management will increase further in the future.

For such people, CoolWallet is a new solution for securely managing Bitcoin.

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