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CryptalDash Cryptocurrency Exchange Review : The World’s First Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange



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About CryptalDash 

CryptalDash is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges from Ukraine (launched in July 2018). Many Ukrainian exchanges have launched prior to this one. The one with the highest rating among visitors is currently BTC Trade UA that has been up and running since May 2014. Other exchanges from Ukraine include Liqui, and Kuna.

Neither Chinese investors nor US-investors may trade here. If you’re a US-investor, you can always use Exchange Finder to find out which trading platforms that you are allowed to trade at.

CryptalDash exchange primarily supports trading in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dimecoin and the exchange’s own token CryptalDash. The exchange will presumably add more cryptocurrency trading pairs in the future.

Operating company

Exchange nameCryptalDash
Number of currencies handledOver 17 types
Futures tradingPresent
Trading Fee0.03%
Withdraw fee0.0008 BTC
Official site

CryptalDash Account Registration Method

  • First, click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner from the CryptalDash top page
  • Then set up your email address and password.
  • After setting the mail address and password, click “Get code”
  • Since an e-mail code is sent to the registered e-mail address.
  • If you click “Get code”, there is a time limit of 60 seconds, so let’s input within 60 seconds.
  • Finally, check the agreement of the terms of service and check “Sign Up” and register your account with CryptalDash .

CryptalDash Identity Registration (KYC)

With CryptalDash you can trade currencies without doing personal identification (KYC) registration.

However, if you do not raise your account level you will have to withdraw money, so let’s raise your account level to 2. You can withdraw money to 2 BTC at level 1 and 100 BTC at level 2 .

The account level ranges from level 0 to level 3, but since it is possible to raise it without difficulty until the submission of the level 2 identity confirmation document, here is how to raise the account level to 2.

How to raise to account level 1

  1. To set the identity confirmation (KYC), click the “Settings” button from the Account button on the upper right of the OKEx home screen.
  2. Click “Verification” from the Account on the left menu.
  3. To make it account level 1, it is OK with only the above input.

How to raise to account level 2

Subsequently, to raise to account level 2, it is necessary to enter personal information and submit identification documents.

  • You need to enter the address in Roman characters, but if you use JuDress address translation website below it will convert your address to romaji.
  • Finally you need to upload your passport and address confirmation documents as identity confirmation documents.
  • In self taking with ② passport, there is a note that “both arms are reflected” and “letters are clearly shown”, so be careful when taking pictures.
  • In addition to your driver’s license, you can use the address description section of your passport, the statement of public utility fee issued within 3 months, etc. for the address confirmation document of ③.
  • It will take 1 to 3 days for the review. Also, since I do not have a passport, I am going to substitute for a driver’s license or I am currently contacting CryptalDash .
  • I will summarize the method of depositing and withdrawing currency to CryptalDash and the transaction method separately in the article, so I will post the article as soon as it is complete.

CryptalDash Trading fees

Apparently, the trading fees here are an incredibly low 0.03%. Please note though that this is the information we have received, and that it has not been verified by actual trading at the exchange. 0.03% should be compared to the global industry average (being 0.25%), which is more than 8 times higher.

CryptalDash Withdrawal fees

CryptalDash withdrawal fees at this exchange are – in contrast to its trading fees – somewhat on the high end. When you withdraw BTC you have to pay 0.002 BTC. The global industry average BTC withdrawal fee is 0.0008 BTC, so in this respect CryptalDash charges 2.5x more than average.

Deposit Methods

CryptalDash trading platform offers wire transfer as a deposit method, but you can’t deposit via credit card. If you need to find an exchange also offering credit card deposits, you can always use our Exchange Finder or the filters in our Cryptocurrency Exchange List.

Trusted and Secured

CryptalDash uses multi-signature authentication and “best in-class security” to keep your funds secure 24 hours a day. Funds are kept in secure offline cold storage wallets to prevent hacking.

Fast Customer Service

CryptalDash puts a big emphasis on customer service, claiming they offer 24 hour response times and fast resolutions to your requests.

30+ Pairs

Traders can trade 17+ cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency pairs over the CryptalDash platform.

Low Trading Fees

CryptalDash charges a flat trading fee of 0.10% to makers and takers. That’s relatively low compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fast KYC Verification

CryptalDash claims to offer fast KYC verification that allows traders to get started today. No more waiting several days for your KYC verification to be complete.

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