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- Advertisement - does not provide services to citizens and residents of the United States or any country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM is a cloud service , no location, no asic hardware.

One of the principal ways people first got involved and profited within the crypto ecosystem was to mine coins. Mining is the act of lending your computer’s processing power to the cryptocurrency infrastructure.


$10 per GHs 90 days contract ($0.16777 daily earnings or 151% after the 90 days)

Cloud Mining

The process of cloud mining makes you a participant in a mining pool and involves buying a certain amount of “hash power.” The hash rate or hash power is the amount of processing power you lend to the cryptocurrency network. Each participant has a rightful share of the profits in proportion to their hashing power. 

Daily Earnings is a cryptocurrency cloud mining (Bitcoin) platform that offers $10 per GHs 90 days contract ($0.16777 daily earnings or 151% after the 90 days) as minimal contract. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

Large Payouts mining website has a mining calculator that can be used to figure out your profit potential per contract. You may be surprised by the large return on investment some of these lower cost contracts have. One of the most useful suggestions when working with mining contracts is to reinvest your profits, in this way, you can compound and flip your money and buy larger tier mining contracts. This allows you to easily turn a small investment into large payouts.


[BTC Wallet] – it’s wallet for withdrawal,
[BTC Mining] – automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily
[BTC Bonus] – automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily


To help promote their new data center in China, IQ mining is currently giving away free cryptocurrency through its free 7 day trial period where they give users the ability to mine for free. They also have a promotion, 25% off all mining contracts. IQ mining has mining contracts from $10 to $50k, so the entry level is appropriate for anyone looking to start making money with cryptocurrency. IQ mining is a golden opportunity for anyone looking to profit from the cryptocurrency gold rush.

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