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Cryptocoin Insurance Ico Review : The first option exchange with the possibility


About Cryptocoin Insurance

Cryptocoin Insurance is an option exchange with the possibility of insuring deposits against fall. Cryptocoin Insurance allows you to insure price falls or growth risks for major cryptocurrencies. CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE pays the client the insurance from the previously obtained insurances. If there has been no insurance event, the insurance paid by the client will be the company’s income.

Cryptocoin Insurance  Options are a financial derivative sold by an option writer to an option buyer. The contract offers the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) the underlying asset at an agreed-upon price during a certain period of time or on a specific date. The agreed upon price is called the strike price. There are many option types. One options can be exercised any time before the expiration date of the option, while other options can only be exercised on the expiration date (exercise date). Exercising means utilizing the right to buy or the sell the underlying security.

Basic Information

Token Name Cryptocoin Insurance
Token Symbol CCIN
Social Media Cryptocoin Insurance Ico Review : The first option exchange with the possibilityCryptocoin Insurance Ico Review : The first option exchange with the possibility
Token Price 0.000667 ETH
Language English
Token Supply 100,000,000 CCIN
Accepting ETH, BTC
Restricted countries No restrictions
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE allows you to insure price falls or growth risks 


There is no solution to insure the deposit in Bitcoin or Ethereum from falling. At the same time in this market there is increased volatility that makes people be afraid to store large funds in the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, large companies are slow to enter the market (for example, to accept payments in a cryptocurrency) for the same reason.


The exchange will start operating with 5 cryptocurrencies that have the maximum market. Furthermore, as the demand and turnover increase, they will add other cryptocurrencies. CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE sells both Bitcoin or Ethereum growth and fall insurance. Thus, it hedges its risk. No competition in the market allows maintaining a significant margin on the level of 20%. CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE repackages and sells/buys its own risk as options on its own exchange.

Why now

  1. There are around one thousand exchanges and no option exchange.
  2. The rapid growth of hedge funds interest to the cryptomarket is not satisfied because of the lack of options and the possibility of short sales.
  3. Cryptocoin Insurance have assembled a team of professionals who know everything about the options market and are ready to make on it not revolutionary but innovative changes.

Market size

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. The daily trading volume is at the level of $10-20 billion.

The size of the options market for commodities and shares differs from country to country, and is 1-5% of the amount of the basic asset market. Thus, we can calculate the potential volume of the options market for basic cryptocurrencies in the amount of $50-250 million per day.

However, the calculations do not take into account that options actually provide the opportunity for short sales that today cannot be carried out on cryptocurrency exchanges. This will contribute to the additional increase in the sellers’ demand for the instrument.


Option Exchange

The profit is generated as a trade commission from each operation on purchasing or selling options. It is 0.5% per transaction or 1% per circle for each of the transaction parties.

Taking into account the volatility of options and huge opportunities for profit, this commission is not significant for market participants. However, it allows the exchange to earn a high income as compared to usual cryptocurrency exchanges due to the total lack of competition. In case of competitors in the future, the amount of the exchange commission can be proportionally reduced.

CCIN Token Growth Potential

The Cryptocoin Insurance Company has developed a simple and understandable model for the increase in the CCIN token value. 30% of each commission obtained by the option exchange will be directed to the liquidity fund. Within the next month CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE sends these funds to purchase CCIN tokens from the market and burns them.

This business model is adopted solely in the interests of our investors. The promise to buy tokens from the future profits cannot be transparent. Moreover, the exchange or the platform may never have the profit physically. In case of CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE tokens, investors know exactly that each option purchase/sell transaction generates the cash flow used to buy tokens.


Denis Semin CEO

Maksim Sizykh CTO

Stanislav Brzhozovskiy Head of Option

Ruslan Gadelshin Community Manager

Anastasia Kuzina Designer

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