Cryptoriyal Ico Review : SmartRiyal bridges the gap between technology

About Cryptoriyal

Cryptoriyal bridges the gap between technology and human lives. SmartRiyal is a state-of-the-art AI-enabled platform that utilizes machine learning and blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people live and do busines.

The smartriyal platform includes several subprojects with a shared goal: revolutionizing the use of AI and technology in the modern world.

Cryptoriyal  powerful AI-powered interface provides easy-to-implement, cost-efficient solutions for a variety of industries – from agriculture to biology through data analytics and education all the way to healthcare and gene therapy. The innovative, cutting-edge technology behind the platform represents a comprehensive solution to provide people with the highest standard of life with the help of Big Data.

Basic Information

Token Name Cryptoriyal
Token Symbol ====
Social Media Cryptoriyal Ico Review : SmartRiyal bridges the gap between technology
Project protocol: ERC20
Soft cap 600.000.000 CR
Hard cap 1.400.000.000 CR
Resection No restrictions
 ICO (19%) 200 USD
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For View website

Payment Methods

CR Token Contract Address Address to be announced. The following address is for the CR token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the.

How is SmartRiyal Changing Lives

SmartRiyal’s platform facilitates transactions with the help of CryptoRiyal: a powerful new cryptocurrency designed specifically for the AI-enabled platform built on top of blockchain. With CryptoRiyal coins, users can purchase premier goods and services all while helping businesses in the areas of agriculture, health, biotechnology, hospitality, and education thrive. Every transaction funds the development of futuristic state-of-the-art systems where data is securely stored in data centres and processed with powerful machine learning and AI algorithms to help businesses evolve at a rapid pace.

The problem & The Solution

CryptoRiyal was created to meet the needs of Neom City, Saudi Arabia’s newly constructed metropolis running entirely on renewable energy. Its futuristic setup, however, gives rise to unanticipated problems, amongst which social issues due to the high unemployment rate, the gradual nature of urban development and the lack of a variety of businesses and facilities in place. Financing the city of Neom is the ultimate goal of the project but its execution may prove difficult…

The CryptoRiyal token (CR) and the SmartRiyal token exchange platform aim to provide a single, comprehensive solution to the problem, all while raising the quality of life of the people of Neom and around the globe, and offering a brand new, fully secure and rapid monetary standard and means of payment and money transfer.

In a world where innovation is the cornerstone of success, the CR token offers a creative, cutting-edge approach to using cryptocurrency. SmartRiyal lies the foundation of an innovative ecosystem where blockchain connects citizens, businesses and Big Data in a peer-to-peer decentralized way to drive success.

How it works

The CryptoRiyal token is an innovative method of money transfers and transactions. The CR tokens can be transferred between electronic wallets hassle-free and stored securely for future purchases. Because the CryptoRiyal is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, the CR tokens can be easily converted to and from fiat money and other currencies on the currency exchanged developed as part of the SmartRiyal platform.

CryptoRiyal: innovative cryptocurrency connecting citizens and businesses

SmartRiyal: the cutting-edge AI-powered platform that facilitates the quick and secure exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money

Each CR token gives token holders and users access to all the capabilities of the SmartRiyal platform. This ensures that in the near future, CR tokens will become the predominant day-to-day means of payment, giving them a competitive edge over the majority of today’s cryptocurrencies.


Fast and Reliable

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, CryptoRiyal offers unrivaled speed and reliability, ensuring lightning-fast transactions from any point around the globe.


Powered by Blockchain technology, the SmartRiyal platforms minimize security risks, enabling users to exchange money quickly and without any hassle.

Powerful Machine learning algorithms

the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms powering the SmartRiyal platform continuously collect, process and learn from the data each user transmits once they use the system. Every transaction and exchange feeds the system with information that can be used for further recommendations with the end goal of improving every aspect of every industry within the city of Neom.

Help businesses thrive

The predictive analytics models and insights provided by the SmartRiyal platform help technology sectors and businesses grow by making the most out of user-generated Big Data. Recommendations generated on the basis of user activity are then distributed to business subscribers to support the monetary transactions when goods and services are purchased.

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