CryptoWarsOU ICO Review : mission is to blur the line between gambling and gaming projects

About CryptoWarsOU

CryptoWarsOU is a unique multiplayer online strategy. Project mission is to blur the line between gambling and gaming projects, providing for players the opportunity of fair fights for money with an interesting gameplay and socializing. The game algorithm, in which the victory depends only on the actions of the players, without any random game algorithms and pay2win mechanic, sets a new level on the online gambling market.

Basic Information

Token Name CryptoWarsOU
Token Symbol CWT
Social Media CryptoWarsOU ICO Review : mission is to blur the line between gambling and gaming projectsCryptoWarsOU ICO Review : mission is to blur the line between gambling and gaming projectsCryptoWarsOU ICO Review : mission is to blur the line between gambling and gaming projects
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token supply 11,111,111,111 CWT
Token for sale 2,000,000,000 CWT
Country Estonia
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Market overview

The primary market for CryptoWars platform is the online gambling market, which strengthened the leadership of the EU region, the volume of which amounts to approximately 49% of the world. It is connected with the innovative character of European operators, the high penetration of the Internet in Europe and the lack of regulatory capacity in the US and Asia for the creation of similar industries. But European leadership is uncertain due to growing fragmentation of the EU market along national borders.

Online gambling

Users of gambling platforms play mostly for fun and a sense of victory. It should be noted that only for the sake of monetary gain or earnings only 13 and respectively 5 percent of players play. Socialization motive, for which 6 percent of the players play, is the promising factor. It should be clarified that there is no functional for socializing in classic online gambling platform. and if such opportunity is provided for users.


Purchasing behavior

The survey of the behavior of online game players in 2014 from the Higher School of Economics found that players get satisfaction from various aspects of the game such as achievement, communication and immersive gaming process. While the results for all surveyed respondents show that gaming achievements have the greatest impact on the
involvement of players in the gaming process.


In recent years, the potential of blockchain technology started to be realized, more and more sectors of the economy from the financial to the national security services, appreciate the benefits it can bring. They may so long go into details of the work of the blockchain technology and its various modifications, but we would like to focus only on its major
advantages, namely to ensure the genuineness of the data in the information system.

legal model

CWT is a key component of CryptoWars ecosystem and is designed exclusively for access to the platform and payment within the Gaming Commission for participating in a battle against another player. Participation in the battle without paying a commission to the CWT is impossible, that makes token an integral part of the ecosystem and the determining
factor of its economy. Based on the above utilitarian model of the CWT Estonia was chosen by us as the most favorable and crypto-friendly.

Operating company

The operating company is the main company on behalf of which CryptoWars online game is going to function. Funds raised at the Token Sale will also focus on the company’s registration and obtaining the necessary license. The project plans to register the company in the jurisdiction of Curacao Island. Curacao is a subject that is part of the Netherlands, which significantly increases the level of loyalty of potential players. Licenses for gambling activities are issued on the island since 2002.


After the battle, any participant can call the opponent for revenge, and if the opponent agrees, and the balance of both players meet the conditions of the fight, the fight will be repeated. Battles provide a draw, if the number of blocks captured by players is equal after the third round. In this case, the players are invited to replay the fight and in the case of mutual agreement – the fight is replayed, but if someone from the players refuses to replay, that player loses.




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