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Curveblock Ico Review : The future of Real Estate powered by Blockchain


About Curveblock

Curveblock is the world’s first ever Blockchain-based property development company
which pays token holders direct dividends from every project completed via Proof Of
Stake (POS) smart wallets. Designed as a perfect antidote to the age-old challenges
facing the industry, the platform rewards token holders with infinite dividends &
charity voting rights. The ecosystem is designed in such a way that there is a seamless
inter-switch between the native token and a secondary dividend token where dividend
payments are confirmed at various block height snapshots of the blockchain ledger
when projects become liquid.

Basic Information

Token Name Curveblock
Token Symbol TBC
Social Media Curveblock Ico Review : The future of Real Estate powered by Blockchain
Price ====
Language English
Total Supply 500 Million Tokens
Hard Cap
£50m GBP
Token Type  Protocol Stratis Platform
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Real investment 

  • Curveblock is a Centralised Exchange which allows token holders to stake their tokens against Real Estate Developments for a share of the profits once built and sold.
  • Your profits (dividends) are paid via a secondary stable token to avoid market volatility.
  • Once your chosen development is built and sold, simply sell your original tokens, or reuse your tokens to stake against another development.
  • Every Development will have its own smart contract staking wallet, powered by Blockchain.
  • CurveBlock won’t be wasting money to get listed on other exchanges, removing the risk of market manipulators damaging the value of your tokens via questionable trading activities.
  • 5% of every Development will be donated to charity, and the charity will be chosen by you.
  • Each token includes charity voting rights.
  • Starting in phase two, pre-vetted Independent Real Estate Developers will also be allowed to showcase on the CurveBlock Exchange, effectively making CurveBlock one of the largest global Real Estate Development Companies.
  • CurveBlock has a 100% recession proof model, so no matter what the market conditions are you still receive your profits (dividends).

Value Proposition

Beyond being a pioneering effort in the deploying of Blockchain into real estate development and dividends, the Curveblock solution changes the game for the industry. By going the crypto way, the platform liberates the industry by creating a transparent project execution model which is both self-sustaining and self-regulated at the same time. The key features of this value proposition are listed below.

Boom Years” and “Bust Years” Proof Mechanism

During what is termed “Boom Years”, all developments will be sold to the open market and profits shared accordingly with Token Holders. During “Bust Years” (aka recessions) all developments will be held and parked into the open rental market until market recovery, during these periods rental profits will be shared with token holders, all capital employed during such markets will be released through FCA financial mortgage sectors specifically designed for the rental market asset class.

The CurveBlock Exchange

As is obtainable with standard Blockchain-driven ecosystem practice, Curveblock will have its own Exchange which delivers a great user experience for web and mobile operating systems. This Exchange will essentially offer the CurveBlock community several functionalities which include:
1. An in-depth view of upcoming development projects with predicted ROI;
2. Live development project data with development progress and predicted ROI;
3. Previous development projects with actual ROI;
4. Upcoming & previous Charity’s donations;
5. Charity Voting rights;

The Market Opportunity

Is there a market for a Blockchain-driven real estate development concern? The answer is “Yes.” Population drives real estate business, and with world population figures projected to hit 9.7 Billion, according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, UN DESA, the real estate sector will have more than enough ground to hit. (3) When they  place that against the background of bleak reports about the current global housing deficit situation, the picture of the size of the market we are talking about becomes even clearer.

Allocation of Funds

5% – Admin & Legal Fees
5% – Back Office Funds (staff wages & office fees)
5% – Blockchain R&D
5% – Marketing Fees
40% – Development land purchase funds
40% – Development funds (contractors & subcontractors)

CHRIS ROE Commercial Director
SIMON MALLINSON Land & Planning Director


The Curveblock project comes at a time when the real estate development economy
needs to step up to the endemic challenges that have bedeviled it throughout the
years. But more importantly, it comes at a time when there is much to be done to
bridge the gap caused by the global housing deficit crisis caused by poor funding and
all the other factors highlighted

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