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Dago Mining ICO Review : Dago Mining has one initial cost and zero cost


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About Dago Mining

Dago Mining Green energy for bitcoins, ethereum, and other cryptomonetes mining. Dago Mining has one initial cost and zero cost on consumption. The cost of the energy component gives profitability to mining. Dago Mining create our own green renewable energy power plant and we will not have any future energy cost increase. There is no cost per Kw schedule, only a small annual maintenance price (0.01 $ per Kw), with a 20-year warranty on plant’s components.

Basic Information

Token NameDago Mining
Token SymbolDAGO
Social MediaDago Mining ICO Review : Dago Mining has one initial cost and zero costDago Mining ICO Review : Dago Mining has one initial cost and zero costDago Mining ICO Review : Dago Mining has one initial cost and zero cost
Hard cap20 USD
Soft cap4 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


In the event that the ICO/STO does not reach $4 millions, Dago Mining will refund the capital raised through investor protection platforms. There is the possibility of using an alternative system, it will be subject to confirmation by investors through consultation.to. However, circumstances, legal proceedings and interruptions in the exchange rates of markets, premiums and cryptography that could force the environment to deviate from its original program may arise. All investors will be immediately informed.


Dago Mining have calculated the cost of the ICO (legal advice, production of promotional material, personnel for marketing and communication, direct marketing expenses such as space on social media, banners, paid items, etc.) in about 5% of the value of ICO/STO. Dago Mining expect to completely cover this cost with the private pre-sale. Therefore, the contributions collected during the pre-ICO/STO and core ICO/STO will be used entirely for investment and for the construction of the company.



Rent of industrial warehouses (already found) now under construction equipped with a first photovoltaic system. Order of the first batch of hardwareAgreement with the host country for an area without taxes, 4% tax on profits (already agreed)Completion of the contract for accumulation batteries Finalization of the contract for the photovoltaic system, Dago Mining are negotiating to have the complete plant since the beginning. This means a cost of about 0.10$ for month per kWh set for 5 years, without any possible increase in the cost of energy.

Global energy

The growing value of bitcoin is directly tied to the amount of energy it uses. The miners unlock bitcoins (and crypto-currencies), the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index shows that global digital “mining” of bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies) consumes more energy than 159 countries. Nearly 10 U.S. households can be powered for one day by the electricity consumed for a single bitcoin transaction, according to Digiconomist. In other words, it takes a whopping 49.05 TWh (terawatt/hours, equal to one million/megawatt hours) annually to operate the energy-hungry computers and networks that power bitcoin (and crypto-currencies) transactions.

Higher mining

Bitcoin mining difficulty is adjusted, every blocks to remain at roughly 10 minutes per block. As more mining capacity is brought online, the difficulty increases accordingly. Thus difficulty increases proportionally to the increase in computing power of the network. The mining difficulty of both Ether and Bitcoin has increased exponentially since their respective genesis blocks. This trend will likely continue as adoption keeps increasing.


Dago Mining have explored the opportunity to use the production of energy (photovoltaic, wind and hydro) in excess produced by exceptional events (storms, particularly windy or sunny days), but Dago Mining do not believe it a viable solution as it is not programmable. Moreover, the distraction of that energy from sales in traditional channels would reduce the efforts of the companies that produce it to reduce the use of fossil fuels that have a greater cost and a devastating impact.

Electricity storage

There are different batteries that use salt, the technology is based on a simple idea: to meet the growing energy needs of the world and increase the use of renewable energy, Dago Mining need large-scale energy storage systems that are high performance, safe, sustainable and economical. The battery is composed of a salt water electrolyte, a manganese oxide cathode, a carbon phosphate and titanium composite anode and a synthetic cotton separator.The battery uses non-corrosive intercalation reactions on the anode and cathode. Saving energy in the batteries allows us to consume all the solar energy produced and control energy costs.



Valter Marelli FOUNDER AND CEO
Fabrizio Saltori FOUNDER
Patrizia Mereu FOUNDER

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