DeFi Money Market governance Ico Review – Earn 6.25% on ETH, DAI and USDC with DeFi Money Market

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About DeFi Money Market governance

DeFi Money Market governance token, DMG, is the tool through which the community governs and grows the e DeFi Money Market Ecosystem. DMG grants its owner the right to vote and direct the system that bridges the gap between real-world assets and the new on-chain economy.

Token Basic Information

Token NameDeFi Money Market governance
Token SymbolDMG
Social MediaTwitter, Telegram
ICO Price$ 0.000001
Tokens for Sale75.00M
Token typeERC-20
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

DeFi Money Market Ecosystem

The DeFi Money Market governance Ecosystem (DMME) is building a vibrant global community to provide a decentralized, transparent and permissionless environment to empower all citizens to again earn interest on their currency backed by real-world assets represented on-chain. DMME is an Ethereum-based and decentralized protocol that allows creation of DeFi Money Market Account’s (DMMA) – a new DeFi native asset class that allows any holder of an Ethereum-based digital asset to earn interest and is backed by real-world assets represented on-chain.

DMME protocol operates in a simple and transparent manner, so anyone can readily understand it as well as verify the veracity of the on-chain assets and collateralization.


The goal of DeFi Money Market governance is to provide ability for anyone globally to once again be able to earn interest on their money. Current traditional Money Market Accounts provide for very low interest rates globally (Europe: -0.46%, UK: -0.67%, US: 1.5%, Japan: 0%). The DMME looks to provide consistent and stable returns at a rate many times superior to traditional alternatives (two initial products mUSDC and mDAI both carry an APY of 6.25%). We believe and hope the DMME will be the beginning of a multi trillion-dollar opportunity and shift to return of earned interest to global monetary landscape.

DMM Backed by Real-World Assets

While there have been many wonderful developments in the Ethereum ecosystem on new ways to earn interest on your crypto holdings, we believe a crucial gap that needs to be filled is blending real-world assets with digital assets. By bridging these two ecosystems, we are able to bring the strengths of both ecosystems to the table. This allows us to create a more robust product while providing total transparency in a relatively-trustless and borderless manner to underlying assets.

Governance Token

The DeFi Money Market governance token, DMG, is the tool through which the community governs and grows the DMME. DMG grants its owner the right to vote and direct the system that bridges the gap between real-world assets and the new on-chain economy. As we look to build a vibrant global community, DMG is a critical component that will engender broad participation and eliminate centralized control risk. Specifically, DMG effectuates governance of the DMME via the DMM DAO, which will be given control over the Ethereum smart contracts and adjacent assets.

DeFi Money Market governance Assets

Earn consistent interest

Unlike most loans, DeFi Money Market governance Assets don’t fluctuate in the interest rate they pay, helping you find stability in the volatile world of crypto.

Are backed by real-world, income-generating assets

DMM Assets don’t rely on the crypto or decentralized finance space in order to function. They bridge the real and crypto worlds.

Are backed by assets viewable on-chain

The real-world assets backing the DeFi Money Market governance are made transparently available, bringing trust to the ecosystem.

Are always overcollateralized

Income generated by the underlying assets is greater than APY paid by the DMM asset.

DeFi Money Market governance Tokens

No more gas fees

By integrating delegated payments on the Ethereum network, users no longer have to pay gas fees in the form of ETH in order to perform transactions.

ERC-20 Compliant

Easily manage and transfer your DeFi Money Market governance from any standard Ethereum wallet.

Stable growth

Because DMM is backed by real-world assets and a consistent interest rate, it’s growth in value is very predictable and consistent, making it a dependable source of yield.

Road Map

The technical roadmap for the DeFi Money Market governance is impressive in nature and can be categorized as five major developments.

  1. Adding support for more categories of real-world assets, which can further back the
    system and provide yield to token holders.
  2. Adding more tools that further improve transparency, adding trust as more people join
    (and stay in) the ecosystem.
  3. Integrations and APIs that will allow for existing tools to hook into the DMME, which will
    grant the project more users & exposure.
  4. Improving the treasury management function to become more efficient & transparent as
    the ecosystem matures.
  5. Implementation of the DeFi Money Market governance DAO which can govern the protocol, fund development, add assets and receive rewards.

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