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About Degrain Crypto

Degrain Crypto is a new cross-chain NFT marketplace that allows users to trade and fractionally invest in NFTs with different cryptocurrencies. The world’s first cross-chain NFT protocol revolutionising the industry. Transactions conducted across chain. NFTs minted and backed by real world contracts, with revenues distributed to investors.

Degrain Crypto Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDegrain Crypto
Short NameDGRN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Pre Sale30%
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Degrain Crypto aims to enable users to trade and accept payments for NFTs across different networks, all whilst rewarding buyers, sellers and stakers. They are the first NFT protocol to work with real world companies and revenue share via a backed NFT.

The Trading Platform

The smart contracts will automatically match transactions using complicated algorithms from different networks to match the offer to the native chain of the NFT. The platform uses its integrated AI smart contract to collect the trading fees and distribute 100% of these back to stakers every 12 hours. The amount awarded will be proportionate depending on how long the tokens are vested for. Passive income for life.

Users that buy or sell any NFTs on Degrain will earn the DGRN token

100% of trading fees will be distributed to DGRN stakers

Creators will receive their royalty payments immediately at the moment of sale

What makes Degrain Unique?

The NFT industry is in its infancy and its true value and potential is still being realized. With the likes of Adidas, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and more buying space in the Metaverse to set up shop. Degrain Crypto aims to be at the forefront of this industry evolution.

Not to mention lower trading fees than ie. Opensea, LooksRare and Magic of Eden. Lower trading fees, higher volume and greater earning potential for creators, traders and stakers – what’s not to like?

Cross-chain Trading

Imagine seeing an NFT you really want to get your hands on, which is listed on the Ethereum network and being able to purchase that NFT using BNB on the Binance Smart Chain. So many possibilities. The choice is yours.

Rewards and Revenue Sharing

Token Degrain Crypto, buyers and sellers will be rewarded with 100% of the platform’s trading fees. Contracts with real world companies will each have an NFT minted which users can invest in. The revenue from this contract will be shared with these investors.

Fractionalized NFTs

Every month, stakers will be able to use the Degrain token (DGRN) to vote on which NFT the platform acquires. This NFT will then be fractionalized and made available to stakers. Have you ever wanted to own a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, but never been able to afford one? Well, on Degrain you will have that opportunity.

What problems does Degrain solve?

High fees

put simply, sales fees on Degrain Crypto will be 20% lower than OpenSea. Why pay 2.5% to OpenSea when you only have to pay 2% on Degrain?

Restricted volume 

OpenSea and LooksRare are successful in their own right. However, trading volume on these platforms is limited due to trading being restricted to one chain, Ethereum. By creating the first one-stop cross-chain NFT trading platform, trading volume will be far higher than any other platform.

No VCs 

Too many projects are funded by the same venture capitalists that end up dumping upon retail investors. This will not be the case at Degrain. There will be absolutely no venture capitalist investment. Degrain will be 100% founder and community funded. Liquidity will be locked for 10 years. Team tokens will be locked for 365 days until 1st October 2023. After this, there will be a 5 year monthly vesting period until 1st October 2028.

How will Trading rewards work?

Users who will trade any NFTs on Degrain Crypto will earn trading rewards in the form of the protocol’s native token, DGRN.

In order to incentivize volume, both buyers and sellers of an NFT will earn rewards from their trading volume.

Trading rewards will be distributed to users every 12 hours at 02:00 AM (UTC).

  • Royalty fees paid instantly
  • Lower trading fees for vested token holders and stakers
  • Network fees distributed weekly/monthly to stakersRewarded if these fees are re-staked/reinvested
  • Networking and PartnershipsPartner with leading NFT creators to launch on the platform
  • NFT Launchpad

Opportunities for Degrain Crypto

Intellectual Property Licensing

  • NFT tokens can allow users to prove their ownership of any piece of content, this is not currently possible with traditional intellectual property (IP) rights tools like trademarks and copyrights.
  • Furthermore, the identity of an IP can be distinguished – via the use of timestamps, the entire history of the IP. NFT chains would be inherently immutable, which means that the NFT owner could prove they were the original creator of a piece of work at any point in time.
  • Patents – NFTs can be used to protect and certify ownership of innovation or invention.
  • NFTs can also provide the necessary data for verification, thus creating a public ledger that documents all transactions related to patents.

Community Memberships – Exclusive

Degrain will be the go-to platform for real companies to launch, stimulate interest and market to target audiences.

  • Communities will be exclusive. For example, Ferrari, only allows current Ferrari owners to buy next line of models. Rolex, have increasingly decreased supply such that only known repeat buyers can purchase the newest Rolex’s. This exclusivity has the potential to be turned into an NFT that could be made transferrable, for a fee, the entirety of which will be distributed to Degrain stakers.

Disney Club 33 – members get into exclusive restaurants and free park tickets. These NFTs could allow this membership to be rented out Membership for example, for a mint fee. This allows the team to bring a variety of utility to its members.

Hyper-speed growth for real world products

NFTs can and should be used for existing products.

  • Launching NFTs allows start-ups and established companies to access premium features, find target users and raise capital.
  • These NFTs will allow companies to get user feedback, generate marketing power and determine what users want.
  • At Degrain Crypto, they believe people paying $X for an NFT should receive more than $X value – for example, the fractionalized revenue sharing NFTs backed by real world contracts.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club have created value for holders of their NFTs through the development of an exclusive club membership, additional NFT collectibles, airdrops and more.

Degrain’s Vision for NFT real world utility

Real estate industry

  • NFTs have the potential to transfer land deeds, provide proof of ownership and even keep track of changes in property value over time using timestamped NFTs.
  • Enable smart contracts for properties or create decentralized home rental services – all while protecting sensitive data like credit card details.
  • Buy and sell property just a few taps on your phone. As well as know when the property was built, who owned it first, what modifications were done, and everything to the point of you purchasing it.

Web3 to the real world

  • An account manager with whom they can be in contact with directly via phone and WhatsApp
  • An exclusive VIP group for club members only where they can interact with one another on Telegram (this benefit is network with other wealthy individuals)
  • Real life NFT events giving you access to 4 shows a year with a VIP pass
  • Access to exclusive NFT drops, priority mint, and an airdrop of one of Degrain’s ultra rare NFTs. This is a collection of 5,555 NFTS. Only 55 will be ultra-rare

Buying NFT gives you full commercial rights

NFTs can and should be used for existing products.

  • Launching NFTs allows start-ups and established companies to access premium features, find power users and raise capital.
  • These NFTs will allow companies to get user feedback, generate marketing power and determine what users want.
  • At Degrain Crypto, they believe people paying $X for an NFT should receive more than $X value – for example, the fractionalized revenue sharing NFTs backed by real world contracts.

Degrain Fractionalized NFTs

Any NFT acquired by the Degrain platform, including real-world NFT contracts, will be fractionalized, allowing anyone to own part of the NFT for as little as $10. Users will then be able to trade their fractions on Degrain’s marketplace or any other third-party NFT marketplace.

Owners of a fractionalized Bored Ape Yacht Collection NFT will be able to use their NFT as proof of ownership. Owners of a fractionalized NFT backed by a real-world contract will receive revenue according to the proportion of DGRN tokens they invested.




Degrain is a cutting-edge cross-chain NFT market that offers consumers a special chance to trade and invest in NFTs using a variety of cryptocurrencies. Degrain, in contrast to other NFT marketplaces, provides fractional investments in NFTs, enabling users to own a portion of an NFT and benefit from its growth. Users can trade NFTs across several blockchain networks with ease thanks to the platform’s ability to function on many blockchains.

Users of Degrain Crypto have access to a wide variety of NFTs, including gaming assets, virtual properties, and art and collectibles. Users may purchase, sell, and trade NFTs with ease because to the platform’s user-friendly design and intuitive trading system. Degrain is ready to revolutionise the NFT market by giving NFT enthusiasts a decentralised, safe, and practical platform to trade and invest in their favorite NFTs.

Degrain Crypto FAQ

What is Degrain?

Degrain is a cross-chain NFT marketplace that enables users to trade and fractionally invest in NFTs using various cryptocurrencies.

How does Degrain work?

Degrain operates on multiple blockchains, allowing users to trade NFTs across different blockchain networks. Users can buy, sell, and invest in NFTs using different cryptocurrencies, making the platform flexible and accessible.

What is fractional investing in NFTs?

Fractional investing in NFTs refers to the practice of owning a share of an NFT instead of buying the whole NFT. This allows users to invest in high-value NFTs and earn a portion of the appreciation over time.

What types of NFTs can be traded on Degrain?

Degrain allows users to trade a wide range of NFTs, including art, collectibles, gaming assets, and virtual real estate.

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