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Delivererspowertoken Ico Review : A Decentralized Delivery Platform


About Delivererspowertoken

Deliverers Power Token (DPT) is a decentralized platform which affords delivery drivers a greater ability to choose their jobs, a greater share of the revenue, and benefits typically given to full time employees. At the same time, Deliverers Power Token provides a safe, uncomplicated and fast job sourcing platform, allowing parcel companies to source last-mile fulfilment of delivery from a pool of freelance drivers with less overhead due to the elimination of a middle man. For drivers, the platform creates a pooling effect allowing for benefits such as insurance and electric car financing. The platform utilizes a secure escrow system that reduces the bureaucratic overhead of a delivery and time to payment.

Basic Information

Token Name Deliverers
Token Symbol DPT
Social Media Delivererspowertoken Ico Review : A Decentralized Delivery PlatformDelivererspowertoken Ico Review : A Decentralized Delivery PlatformDelivererspowertoken Ico Review : A Decentralized Delivery Platform
Hard cap 204,000,000 USD
Total for sale 2,550,000,000 DPT (51%)
Languages English
Resection No restriction
Country Netherlands
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Migrate to Electric vehicles

They want to offer you fully electric vehicles. Now in some world cities and in the future no fossil-fueled vehicles are allowed to enter the center of these cities. They will be helping you with your existing vehicles to convert them in an electric vehicle.

Dividend and voting tokens

For each parcel delivered $0.15 DPT are paid as a dividend to the investment pool. To
incentivize the financing of zero-emission vehicles, an additional $0.05 DPT is offered
for deliveries using electric cars.

Decentralization of ownership

Tokens owners are valuable members of the Deliverers Power Token community. As
such, they are entitled to provide input in all facets of site development, new business
ventures, as well to have complete ownership of their respective share of profits.
These voting rights include uses of the site’s revenue. No significant new ventures will
be undertaken without a vote amongst holders of the public issuance. All holders who
wish to participate will vote in a proof-of-stake system handled by the issuance of a
voting asset which can then be used in a public and transparent democracy contract.
The democracy contract is open source and the outcome of votes publicly tallied.


Unique Menu

Unlike the current system, where the driver gets only a small portion of the booking fee, DPT cuts out the middleman to give drivers better pay. Not only do they get paid better, but they also have opportunities to earn extra income through our unique menu of extra service.

Insurance and Unions

They offer the drivers a decent insurance offer, as in the case of an accident. community can enforce lower premiums. They want to involve trade unions to make a decent collective labor agreement for the shippers around the world.

More delivery services with higher value

They can offer a peer to peer delivery for luxury goods this way its safer for the customer and manufacturer to award us the business. DPT is a decentralized platform and will embrace the trend that manufacturers wants to sell there products more and more directly to the end-customers. The platform can benefit of this trend.




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