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DirTrex ICO Review : DirTrex is a blockchain technology company


About DirTrex 

DirTrex is a blockchain technology company with an existing product on a huge crypto market sell tokens for scaling. Dirtrex tokens value will grow as company’s value will grow after the crowdfunding and business scaling into new markets. DirTrex building the trading model that we want to use for trading crypto-currency using your own wallet.

Basic Information

Token Name DirTrex
Token Symbol DIRTREX
Social Media DirTrex ICO Review : DirTrex is a blockchain technology company
Platform Ethereum
Token for sale =====
Hard cap =====
Country United Kingdom
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


DirTrex Business-centric, innovative blockchain services provider that focuses on delivering high-performance, versatile blockchain solutions to enterprises and start-ups. With an emphasis on practical business application, OpenLedger develops custom blockchain solutions and Dapps on Hyperledger, EOSIO, BitShares and Ethereum.


Devoted company from Norway, helping other businesses comprehend and use the technology, with “the Nordic” approach. What does it mean? In short, while blockchain emerged out of Bitcoins in Silicon Valley with the aim of removing governmental control and regulation, Scandinavians do believe in a functioning state apparatus and, in fact, await the regulations to be put in place by governments.



Altoros is a one-stop provider for those who are looking for private blockchain professional services and training to be delivered by a trusted service partner. With vast expertise in delivering workable solutions for blockchain implementation, DirTrex company helps organizations deploy private blockchain networks built on Hyperledger frameworks.


DirTrexhas been recognized as IBM Blockchain Development Partner for deploying over 5 blockchain platforms and 80 plus smart contracts. They are also known as Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador and DirTrex Core Team Member. They provide end to end solutions to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. They are experienced in the development of multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution on blockchain and utility bill generation using blockchain and many more.


Technology leader in providing innovative end to end blockchain solutions and services solving the blockchain trilemma. Their expertise in producing various blockchain networks and protocols with tangible business outcomes and addressing the real industry use cases helps business create transformational value for their end customers. They provide end-to-end breakthrough services under one roof where they conceive, design and test real-world blockchain applications. Enterprise blockchain development, apps, smart contract audit, smart contract development, ICO launch, cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency exchanges, private blockchain development and cryptocurrency wallet development.


Dedicated lab of R&D experts for blockchain technologies of Philadelphia based software development company Aplana Software Inc. The company is focusing on researching and implementation of blockchain solutions for enterprise customers worldwide. ABES Lab offers a unique set of integrated blockchain solutions helping to modernize business areas where Blockchain technology has the most value: contracts management and execution; payments inside ecosystem of partners and suppliers; sourcing and tendering; digital supply chain management.The consultants of ABES Lab get into the details of customers’ business and offer the best blockchain based solution that makes business processes the most effective. The current solutions of ABES lab help to transform contract management process from time-consuming manual work into a fully standardized automatic process of creation.


Chain is a US-based blockchain development company creating cryptographic ledger systems for financial sector specifically. They have pretty solid support from strategic partners like Capital One, Citigroup, Nasdaq, and clients such as Visa, Orange, Fiserv, RRE Ventures, as well numerous startups.And they have things to be proud to showcase, for instance, Sequence ledger-as-a-service for secure tokens transactions. It works both for private ledgers and public networks, and it is currently used for mobile wallets, a crypto exchange platform, a ride sharing app.




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