Binance Ico Review : Multifunctional blockchain for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres.

About is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres. It provides the transparency of work and creates conditions of maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by system participants. doesn’t use any other blockchains in its work, and is being developed for the demands of the educational and recruiting fields, taking into account the specificity of their work. To create a multifunctional blockchain for keeping a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications to generate a scoring system for every user of our platform.To create a universal blockchain that will store personal achievements in a digital form and guarantee their permanence and credibility To offer an effective algorithm for candidate search by their fields of expertise develop a mechanism of monetization of the data stored by the educational institutions.

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Basic Information

ICO Start – On 8 March 2018, 00:00 UTC

Softcap – 3500 ETH

03/28-03/29/2018 -Slush Tokyo 

Hardcap – 17 000 ETH

oken rate – 0.0005 ETH
Currency accept- ETH, BTC
Main stage – 04/27/18 – 05/27/18

Key capabilities

The opportunity to store the data on personal achievements in digital form and to provide the access to the data
through the unified platform, guaranteeing its permanence and credibility
• An effective search tool by candidates’ achievements and their fields of expertise
• The opportunity for educational institutions to monetise the data stored on student academic achievement
• The establishment of a career goal, where the system will develop an optimised educational path, aiming               towards employment in a desired company

Private layer

The private segment does not allow any data except hashes to open access. This is done to store private and personal user data, as well as those materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality.

Educational institutions

An educational institution is any state or private online and offline organisation that conducts any and all educational activity. Private tutors are also included. It can even be a simple marketplace offering the sale of study materials. Every educational institution has its private chain and the opportunity to monetise educational records stored there.

Advantages of the platform

The opportunity to store the data on personal achievements in digital form and provide the access to the data through the unified platform which guarantees its permanence and credibility.An effective search tool by candidates’ achievements and their fields of expertise.DISCIPLINA is an open-source platform. Every educational or recruiting service will be able to use blockchain in their projects

Data Security

The DISCIPLINA architecture stores the data on student academic achievement on the private chains of educational institutions. This could cause the problem of data unavailability in the event that that educational institution stops using the network or that their equipment malfunctions. DISCIPLINA solves this problem by also storing the copies of all the data in student’s personal profile – thus it will be easy to prove the authenticity of the data by accessing the old records in public chain and checking the hashes.

Token technical pool

In order to ensure real decentralization, a technical token pool will be formed after the launch of MainNet. This
will prevent one stakeholder to have more than a 50% share and thus could influence the functioning of the
network. Technical pool will be formed in such a way that the share of tokens from the total volume of token
issue will be 45%, and this will be distributed between three independent organisations.


Market review

Educational technology (EdTech) is a general title for the segment of technology that increases the efficiency of and eases the educational process by creating technological recourses and developing the methods of their implementation and management.The market, with a slowing growth rate at around +4,0 — 4,4% per
annum. [GSV Advisors, Global Market Insights]

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