Discovery Ico Review : Revolutionizing Supply Chain

About Discovery

Discovery At Butterfly, Selvam headed the Marketing and SCM domains and has been credited with growing business revenues from less than INR 650million (USD 10 million) to over INR 5 Billion (USD 75 million) in less than 7 years. He was instrumental in turning the company around to profitability through various marketing and
pricing initiatives. He was a key member of the team that successfully raised a Private Equity investment of
INR 1 Billion (USD 15 Million) from a large Indian PE firm. The PE has since exited the company through a
secondary sale, striking great returns in the process.

Discovery was born out of the various problems that Selvam has directly encountered in Marketing and SCM,
as a brand as well as a service provider. As Peter Thiel puts it, the best problems for a founder to work on are
the ones she faces daily, not the ones she searches out. Selvam has a very deep understanding of the
problems that Discovery sets out to solve. He understands the nuances of the problems and the value the
solution adds to a client’s decision making processes.

The world believes in the potential of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The impact of mobile telecommunications
on the world is indisputable. Imagine the potential of a product that is born out of the convergence of these
two technologies. We at Discovery believe in the phenomenal power of this convergence and are developing a
product that will help harness the power of the IoT through the reach of mobile telephony. The level of
visibility and control that this could potentially open up for enterprises across the world is path-breaking

Basic Information

Language English
Social MediaDiscovery  Ico Review : Revolutionizing Supply ChainDiscovery  Ico Review : Revolutionizing Supply ChainDiscovery  Ico Review : Revolutionizing Supply Chain
Token symbolDVY
Minimum deposit amount$0.11 per DIS
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The Unsolved Problems

Suboptimal Marketing Spends

Because brands are unable to track their products at retail stores, they end up spending their marketing dollars all over the place in an inefficient and suboptimal manner.

Stock Outs & Empty Shelves

Without real-time stock and sales data, brands do not understand if they have run out of stocks of their products in certain retail outelts. This leads to sales loss and ceding space to competitors.

Product Expiry & Obsolescence

As brands do not understand stock levels on real-time basis, they end up having too much stock at some retail outlets/warehouses. This leads to product expiry and/or obsolescence, which directly hurts them financially.

No Consumer Understanding

Any data that brands have access to, is restricted upto the retail store level only (that too, not on real time basis). There is no possibility for brands to track products at the consumer level. Access to data points at consumer level can be of tremendous value.

The Discovery Solution


A low-cost IoT tag that does not require any power and self-charges itself. At $0.10 a piece, it is affordable even for daily use products like shampoo bottles or toothpaste tubes.

The User Community

A community of public users, who would have our mobile application installed on their smartphones. These community members act as the data collection nodes, in exchange for financial rewards.

Data Analytics & AI Layer

Converts all data points collected into meaningful information for brands to act upon. The AI engine gets smarter with time.

The Technology Stack


With blockchain technology, the data stored in the Discovery stack becomes immutable and 100% accurate. Moreover, this renders the whole solution highly scalable at low costs.

Internet Of Things

The Cliot converts mundane and unconnected products into smart nodes, transmitting and receiving information at regular intervals.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing enables the Discovery solution to be lightning-fast, with much of the micro-processing happening at the mobile phone nodular level.

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Artificial Intelligence

The Discovery solution incorporates AI in order to provide predictive and actionable information for brands.

Enterprise Benefits

Low-Cost Tracking

discovery it lets brands track their products in a very inexpensive manner. The tracking cost per product is as low as $0.04 per month, which makes the solution ideal for rapid and mass adoption among low end products also.Since all the data is stored in distributed ledgers of a blockchain, it is 100% reliable and secure from any hacking efforts.

Real-Time Visibility

The DiscoveryIoT solution gives brands real time visibility of their stock and sales data. This enables brands to take business decisions on real-time basis, without the time latency involved in traditional market research environments.

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No Retailer Dependence

Globally, one of the main challenges brands face in data acquisition is support from retailers. Retail stores do not have any motivation to share sales and stock data with brands. The DiscoveryIoT solution does not require any support from retailers, thus bypassing a critical impediment in the entire process.

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The Discovery Solution is powered by the DIS token, which serves as the currency of exchange on the platform. Being a token-driven platform, all transactions are instantaneously carried out, thereby removing all latencies and delays from the system. Brands can access their data points instantly and the user community gets instant rewards for their participation.

Scalable & Reliable

The DiscoveryIoT solution is truly disruptive in nature and highly scalable. As there is no infrastructure like towers, scanners or readers required for the solution to operate, it is easily scalable and expandable across geographies.

Why Participate in the Discovery Sale?

Superior Technology

For any technology to be adopted at scale, Peter Theil says it must have a 10x superiority. With a superiority of 100x compared to other solutions available, DiscoveryIoT is sure to achieve mass adoption.

Network Effects

In a two-sided business, the value accrued by one side from the product is proportional to the number of players on the other side. After the early push to create a threshold of users and enterprise customers, Discovery IoT would reach an “escape velocity” where the network would become self-sustaining, with one side feeding into the other side’s growth.


Strong brand equity is probably the best defence strategy against a potential new competitor. The significant investment that we have planned towards marketing activities would help strengthen and entrench the brand among the network of users.


The cornerstone is the Discovery IoT solution is its stickiness with clients. The AI engine of DiscoveryIoT gets smarter as more information is fed into it, giving brands more meaningful and accurate predictions of sales of stock levels. Access to this historical information would be proprietary to DiscoveryIoT, thereby helping retain clients for long periods of time.




KUMAR T Co-Founder & CTO






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