DIVO ICO Review : Global Platform For The Fashion Industry

About DIVO

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DIVO is a digital infrastructure platform for the fashion industry, integrated on Mob. and Web. DIVO’s aim is to unite all major fashion market players and form a desentralized Network for industry professionals. By utilizing verified BIG DATA and smart contracts DIVO establishes a vault of professional reputation and becomes a secure gateway for millions of new faces to enter the industry. DIVO Mobile Application is already available on App Store and Google Play. The aim of DIVO is to ensure connection for the classical economic environment of fashion industry and a new digital economy. DIVO gives each user opportunity to build cooperation in a decentralized ecosystem with a high level of trust due to the effect of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. The virtual space of the network is by the fashion world, it will continue to change under the influence of its laws and trends and, obeying the laws of evolution, it will inevitably engender the positive development of its participants.

Basic Information

Token Name DIVO
Token Symbol DIVO
Social Media DIVO ICO Review : Global Platform For The Fashion IndustryDIVO ICO Review : Global Platform For The Fashion IndustryDIVO ICO Review : Global Platform For The Fashion Industry
Token price
0.01 USD
Tokens for sale
6,000,000,000 DIVO
Country United Kingdom
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Blockchain and beauty

The pre-existing digital technology of facial recognition, the adoption of smart con- tracts, and the use of Big Data and other contemporary methods of data processing enable brands and modeling agencies both to see the full range of proposals on the market and to start working immediately with the faces they require at that moment. The DIVO platform has a clear objective – to digitize and facilitate any direct interaction between participants in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries and to bring these interactions in line with modern business standards – transparency, speed, monitoring and peer-to-peer cooperation.

Market and fashion

Fashion is a global business and takes a significant part of world’s economy. It is not only the models, designers, brands or media, but also a lifestyle for millions of followers. DIVO Collaboration with models, lifestyle bloggers and influencers allows to unlock huge opportunities to engage a multi-million audience.

DIVO platform consists of three key elements

Mobile app

DIVO App is a mobile application for models that comprises a wide range of functions for managing working processes and instruments to boost career development, as well as
avoiding professional risks.


DIVO Web is a working space for brands, models, agencies, and professionals that can reduce costs and automate business processes, providing transparency at every stage and also offering technological advantages in search for new faces and in building direct partnerships with them.


DIVO Net is a social network that makes it possible to scale up the community, providing new talent the chance to break in to industry. The integrated market place offers industry professionals extra social capital and gives commissioners the full picture of offers available on the market.

Open environment grants and established models

This social-media aggregator serves as a hub of network activity embracing a wide range of users, facilitating increased efficiency in the promotion of products and services by placing content in several channels simultaneously with the help of an open API. The use of smart contracts and blockchain ensures the automation of business operations, bringing them in
line with international standards. It also provides access to integrated third-party solutions in relation to auxiliary products, and protects the intellectual and labour rights of all parties. DIVO is a scalable operational product with a proven business model that utilizes proven technologies and solutions from projects previously implemented by the developer.

Figures characterizing market at beginning of 2019

  • $ 2.8 trillion the turnover of the fashion and beauty industry.
  • 28 % of global e-commerce market is occupied by the fashion and beauty industry.
  • $ 408 billion turnover of e-commerce in the fashion and beauty segment.
  • $ 550 billion global advertising spend in the fashion and beauty segment.
  • 45 % the share of social commerce occupied by the fashion and beauty industry.
  • $ 50 billion the value of SMM for models.
  • $ 30 billion the global market for talent and fashion industry professionals.

Digital transformation fashion become inevitable

The fundamental digital transformation of the world of fashion has become inevitable. With a clear understanding of the industry’s problems and technology required to overcome them, DIVO represents a digital platform that can transform all work processes in the industry, increasing their productivity. Models work with their clients through agents who manage all communications, search for new offers, sign contracts and coordinate work. There can be several such intermediaries in the chain between the client and the model, which slows down collaboration and increases the costs for both sides. Their activities are not subject to objective audit, and this often leads to non-fulfillment of financial obligation, violation of intellectual property, labor right infringements, and risks to personal security.

Hyper-converged digital platform

DIVO is a next-generation hyper-converged digital platform that combines a wide range
of online services and applications adapted to the specific needs of each fashion industry
participant. The platform improves the efficiency of business processes and combines various tools and communication channels into one space a mobile application and a web interface. Blockchain technology provides the foundation for the platform. Big Data concerning professional activity, completed contracts, social network presence, number of followers, and other information combines to create unique digital identifiers and algorithms to evaluate the reliability of clients, agents, and performers.

Functionality of DIVO Mobile App

  • Model Profiles is a tool for creating a look-book or portfolio in accordance with international standards in the modeling industry.
  • Casting Is a convenient information panel showing the latest castings, with push-notifications and route-planning any where in the world.
  • Finance is an indicator of current financial account status and tools for obtaining loans, insurance and investments. It provides solutions for fundraising as well as tools for
    monetizing content or products through tokenization.
  • DIVO have hundreds of partners around the world, from taxi services and restaurants to brands offering models loyalty programs with discounts of up to 100% available worldwide.
  • News is an event feed that gathers useful content from external and internal sources and is individually customizable.




Marat Bikbov, Founder

Andrey Tuliniov, Founder

Dmitry Lakshev, CEO

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