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Diytubecoin Ico Review : Interact And Share Experiences With The DIY Tube Community



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About Diytubecoin

As more people join DIY Tube Video sharing community and start earning Diytubecoin.ico, the word will spread. A snowball effect will begin with the value of the coin increasing as the community grows larger. The more people interact with DIY Tube Coins, the more its value will grow.Diytubecoin.ico is the cryptocurrency which is rewarded to people for interacting on DIY Tube Video community site. Video creators will be rewarded DIY Tube Coins for minutes played and interaction with their videos. Commentors will be rewarded based on the popularity of their comments. Everyone can earn DIY Tube Coins.

Due to US Federal laws, Diytubecoin.ico cannot accept blind wallet purchases at this time.Generally, within the hour you will receive your coins. Please allow up to 8 hours for processing on rare occasions.The company is using Paypal to protect both parties and to give you peace of mind.Contact: info@diytubecoin.com if you have any questions.Riding on the Ethereum blockchain, DIY Tube Coin is stable and reliable. This also makes Diytubecoin.ico fully compatible with standard Ethereum wallets and ERC20 contracts. DIY Tube Coin can be bought and sold directly with Ethereum or traded on exchanges for other coins or fiat currency.

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Basic Information

Name – Diytubecoin

Language – English

DIY Tube Coins – 1,000 Free 

Discount price – $0.05 USD 

Worth – $0.10 USD 

Benefits Of Diytubecoin

Safe And Secure: Based on ERC20 contracts and riding on the Ethereum blockchain. Diytubecoin are fully compatible with the Ethereum wallet, making them safe and secure.

Global Accessibility: The Ethereum blockchain is distributed around the entire World. Being the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum based coins are widely accepted.

Trust And Reliability: Again, Ethereum based ERC20 contracts are secure and reliable. With Ethereal nodes around the globe loss of data is nearly impossible.

Future Plans For DIY Tube Community

Diytubecoin.io are planning to get DIY Tube Coin listed on coin exchanges soon. The exchanges will be listed here as a company is accepted. This will allow Diytubecoin.io to be bought, sold and traded for all the common cryptocurrencies and also for fiat currency.In the second to third quarter of 2018, the company is planning to expand the community to include live chat and discussions. Sometime in late 2018 company plan to form company own blockchain where company entire database will be hosted. At this time company will introduce a new coin which can be mined. The blockchain will be open source to allow people to write their own apps.

How To Store And Trade DIY Tube Coins

Download A Wallet: Go To Myetherwallet.Com And Set Up An Account There. Remember To Save Your Private Key And Password In A Secure Place.

Add DIY Tube Coins: Add DIY Tube Coins To Your Wallet. Simply Scroll Down To The Bottom Of The Right Hand Side Bar. There You Will See The Link “Add Custom Token”. Copy And Paste.

Send And Receive With Wallet: You Can Always Check Your Coin Balance On The Bottom Right Column When Logged Into Myetherwallet. To Send Or Receive Coins Click “Send Ether & Tokens” On The Top Menu. After Logging Into Your Account Again, You Can Now Enter The Recipients Wallet Address And Amount Of Coins To Send. Click On The Drop Down Arrow And Choose “DIY”. Gas Limit Will Be Automatically Filled In For You. Click On “Generate Transaction”. On The Next Screen Confirm The Details And Send The Coins.

Internal Virtual Wallet And Its Advantages

The first level of protection is due to the virtual coin running on PHP and a MySQL database. In the rare event of a successful hacking attack, data can be simply restored from a previous database backup. The virtual coin is stored in a virtual wallet inside the database. Commonly used methods to prevent SQL injection attacks will protect the virtual coin wallets. Every member who creates a new account automatically receives a virtual wallet inside the platform. Payments are made each pay period directly to this virtual wallet. Members can buy, sell, trade, donate or spend their virtual currency inside the Diytubecoin Community.

At this point, everything is virtual but has an equivalent value outside the community in the form of a real Ethereum wallet. Each coin in the main community wallet (pool) will have an equal coin sitting in an Ethereum wallet. This can be compared with the US Gov backing their dollars with gold. The first taxable event (see note above) comes when a community member trades in their virtual coin inside the system for a real Diytubecoin on the Ethereum network.

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Future Plans & Goals

Near the end of the third quarter of 2018, Diytubecoin.io plan to set up our own blockchain where our entire database will be hosted. This will provide data redundancy and stability. As more individuals run full nodes, the stability of the network and redundancy will increase. This also eliminates the ability to cheat the system by modifying code or data on any given computer due to the very nature of the blockchain.Diytubecoin.io will open up the blockchain and code to the public in order to allow expansion and interaction with the blockchain and the DIY Tube Video community.

This will also allow individuals to write their own apps for the community. Plans are in place to set up online stores where we accept Diytubecoin.io for goods and services. Eventually, entire online stores will be set up to accept DIY Tube Coins. Live chat services are also planned for later in 2018, which will expand the community and give everyone a single place to get together and interact.

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