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About platform allows organisations to verify and re-verify the credentials of their people as often as needed. Users will be immediately notified through multiple channels when detects that a compliance accreditation has been revoked, lapsed or expired. The platform provides one system of record that can be used many times, without compromising people’s privacy, providing organisations with an auditable snapshot of their compliance and risk.

Basic Information

Token Name
Token Symbol VDOC
Social Media ICO Review : platform allows organisations to verify ICO Review : platform allows organisations to verify
Accepting ETH
Token for sale 80,000,000 VDOC
Restricted countries China, Singapore, United States of America
Country Australia
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Fundamental is anchored on fundamental principles of trust (and distrust). All critical verification records (proof that accreditations have been verified) will be stored securely in Blockchain smart contracts, providing the most robust and tamper-resistant capability available today. The data we store will contribute to an overall record-keeping continuum; a permanent ledger of organisational compliance into the future.


There have been 4 royal commission inquiries into how the most vulnerable people in our communities have been subjected to systemic harm and cover ups, in institutions where they should have been cared for and protected. The public response has been outrage. Families are now more vigilant than ever before when it comes to entrusting their loved ones into the care of others. Governments will not only continue to introduce new legislation and regulations, but will more closely monitor organisations for compliance.



Due to time constraints, most organisations only check accreditations, such as working with children checks, at the time of employment and again upon expiry. But a lot can happen in between. It’s alarming, but possible, that unsuitable people could be working or volunteering for your organisation today.


  • Check accreditations for your entire workforce in less than 5 minutes.
  • Check as frequently as every week, with absolutely no increase to your workload.
  • Run real-time accreditation checks on the ground, so you can be assured that last minute substitute referee/coach/carer is safe to work with children.
  • Get notifications when something needs your attention, like a revoked or expired accreditation.
  • Have access to a permanent, accurate, tamper-proof audit trail that helps you fulfil your burden of proof.

Compatible is an easy to use, cloud-based application that is compatible with all major web browsers, and can be used on computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. This means you can be checking accreditations anywhere, anytime, in real-time. All you need is a device with an internet connection.


After every accreditation check, records a permanent log of that check onto the blockchain. This creates an auditable trail of proof that your organisation has been proactive in fulfilling its duty of care in making vulnerable people safer. The blockchain record holds NO personally identifiable information. It provides an immutable, tamper-proof log of verification conducted by your organisation, providing you with peace of mind that your records are safe and secure now, and decades into the future.

Structured is built for all contexts and organisational needs. Each organisation is structured and managed differently. The tagging system enables you to organise your constituent list to reflect your unique structure and how you like to manage people and risk. To minimise double handling, can also be integrated with your HR or CRM software. The platform is expanding all the time, with additional accreditation types being added and new jurisdictions covered.



Cameron Bedford CO-FOUNDER & CTO

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