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EasyGuide ICO Review : EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platform


About EasyGuide 

EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platform that allows travelers from different countries to find fellow travelers, join companies of like minded persons, jointly creating tourist routes and safely sharing the costs of this organization. EasyGuide, based on reviews and ratings, will group people according to similar parameters and make up an individual proposal for each of them. The service will help independent tourists quickly and conveniently compose the ideal route with the right people.

Basic Information

Token Name EasyGuide
Token Symbol GDC
Social Media EasyGuide ICO Review : EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platformEasyGuide ICO Review : EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platformEasyGuide ICO Review : EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platform
Soft cap 400,000 USD
Hard cap 600,000 USD
Token for sale 6,500,000,000 GDC
Country Estonia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The EasyGuide platform is comprised of two entities that are interdependent and separated The Company and The Community. The Company is responsible for technological and business development that sustain and grow the Community, while the Community
creates and oversees content, services, quality assurance, dispute settlements etc.The fees received from transactions will be divided between the two, where Community funds will be distributed through a Rewards Engine, so as to incentivize contributors that improve the


The Company facilitates the growth and sustainability of EasyGuide, overseeing marketing, product development, technologicaln development and business development. The team consists of professionals including developers, designers, and product managers, as well as experienced business and marketing leaders. The Company exists in order to empower the Community to establish a valuable new travel ecosystem that creates value for travelers by offering a real alternative to the aforementioned problems in the centralized travel industry.



The Community is an autonomous ecosystem consisting of Guides, Travelers, and other participants, as detailed below. Members of the Community will ultimately validate and approve new content and Services. The Community ecosystem will be powered by a Rewards Engine that rewards participants with tokens based on their contribution to the network. At first, some elements of the Community will be managed by the Company, including approval of new Guides and editorial tasks.


The cryptocurrency market, EasyGuide is able to tap into a niche between real estate
owners and their immediate customers. Guides retain more money, while customers pay less. By lowering the commission of intermediaries, EasyGuide are following the path of companies that changed the rules of the game in their sectors — for example, BlaBlaCar, which made a possibility to trip cheaper. In other words, investors will be able to travel for prices they would never get on other booking platforms in their lifetime. We believe that this is well-deserved payment for belief in the blockchain technology that is changing the world and all projects that participate in this movement.


EasyGuide invites you to join us to build business together. EasyGuide focus on two tasks. The highest growth of GDC tokens, and hence investment, both proprietary and those people who took part in the ICO. Building the best platform solution for online booking and preparing excursions. If EasyGuide earns $10-1000 from one reservation and if the number of bookings per day is: 100,000 reservations = $ 3.1 million in revenue per day or $93 million per month.


Commission fee 6-30% from received payment depending on services.Businesses (cafe, apartment, car, museum etc.) have to buy GDC token or pay by fiat currency for all
responses. When the Guides and travellers make response about the service that they tried, the owners of the service pay commission to the platform. Businesses that order marketing services.The value of GDC tokens, like any other currency, will be determined by people’s willingness to accept them as the payment for their goods and services. Exchange liquidity will allow GDC to develop on external websites.




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