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ecoNAN ICO Review : eco-NAN supports Green Business with Circular Economy


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About ecoNAN 

eco-NAN supports Green Business with Circular Economy projects that combine environmental solutions to the production of high added value commodities. eco-NAN is the first Token on Blockchain for eco-alloy derived from toxic waste, steel dust, using innovative technology of proven reliability and effectiveness. eco-NAN is your Token if you are looking for a short, medium, and long term investment form that provides a guarantee of performance, security and complete transparency.

Basic Information

Token Nameeco-NAN
Token SymbolECO-NAN
Social MediaecoNAN ICO Review : eco-NAN supports Green Business with Circular EconomyecoNAN ICO Review : eco-NAN supports Green Business with Circular Economy
Token for sale50,000,000 ECO-NAN
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Eco-NAN cryptocurrency holders will have the right to convert eco-NAN into shares of our first recycling and processing facilities after a predetermined period of time which will be announced via all interactive channels. Synergie Group will allocate up to 40% of the recycling center company shares to investors. The minimum investment in shares will be set at $1000. The conditions for the conversion of eco-NAN into shares will be announced on Synergie Group’s web site.


After company audit, anyone may apply to exchange his/her eco-NAN token for shares in the Recycling Center company. The cost of shares will be determined by an independent audit. The minimum exchange amount is 1,000 USD. ecoNAN  will additionally reward our pre-ICO and top 10 Rich List investors by providing special terms to them should they decide to exercise this option.



The bulk of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Waves will reside in an offline repository. Collected funds will then be exchanged into specific Cryptocurrencies for specific pourposes such as long term holding or to liquidate as necessary to fulfill each milestone. Funds from the cold storage will be transferred to the hot wallet following the approval of three Synergie Group Signatories as well as the approval of appointed Escrow.


ecoNAN advantages of the platform are many but worth mentioning are the ones which stand out the most. At the forefront is the fact that its Lite Client Graphic User Interface is simple, easy to navigate and hosts a number of features which are essential to every kind for user, from the crypto uninitiated to the dedicated day trader or savvy investor.

Future Impact

Ambition without direction has proven to lead many astray. To guard against this outcome, ecoNAN  vision in Synergie Group is founded on the principle that ecoNAN must strive to positively impact our environment in as many ways and as often as ecoNAN possibly can. The 11th hour is upon us and while our undertaking with eco-NAN will help combat a deadly cycle our battle will not stop there. ecoNAN  vision is clear and to fight the good battle ecoNAN must expand our solution far and wide across the globe.


The high presence of metals in the stainless steel EAF dusts make this byproduct a toxic waste. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that prolonged exposure to such toxic dusts can cause respiratory illness, most of the time deadly. Once filtered in the bag-house (the best technology currently used for their abatement), EAF dusts are only partially recycled through the use of industrial-based process technologies that are unable to recover all the metals contained therein (method Waeltz) or that are not economically viable (briquetting and plasma furnaces).


The EAF dusts, collected in silos, are weighed and mixed with reagents according to a pre-calculated “recipe” from a thermodynamic model that ensures the highest result in terms of metal recovery. The mixture is transported by conveyor belts to the heart of the furnace. The charging system is automated and managed by PLC. The mixture precipitates within the 3 electrodes where the arc is formed and where the smelting occurs.



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