Eho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors


About Eho-tex 

EOH develops an innovative proprietary technology to produce pressure sensitive and stretching sensitive textile sensor systems. Combining textile sensor data with data interpretation algorithms, EHO solutions provide meaningful motion analysis to end-users. EHO develops algorithms for data interpretation, thus providing valuable information for monitoring horse and rider performance.

Basic Information

Token NameEHO
Token SymbolEHO
Social MediaEho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors Eho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors Eho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors
Soft cap950,000 USD
Hard cap1,750,000 USD
ResectionChina, Singapore, United States of America
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The European Horse Network (EHN) estimates that the total horse industry in Europe could be over 100 billion euros a year. According to Alltech’s Steve Elliot, the annual economic impact of the equine industry is significant – involving some $300 billion dollars and 1.6 million full-time jobs.

Product Validation

A number of steps have now been taken to EOH verify the product’s demand on the market. In particular, an assessment of the technological solution of the product has been carried out, which resulted in identifying technological requirements and their compliance with the product.

Features for Eho-tex 

Customer Acquisition

To create initial inquiries and sales EHO is already communicating the product value in horse riding communities, thus reaching professionals and enthusiasts.


At present, the first version of product  EOH serial production is planned to be marketed for 500 euro per unit. The cost includes physical product manufacturing and product delivery costs, advertising and marketing costs, product research and development costs, and salaries. According to the current estimates, it is planned to reach at least 50% profit marging.

Competitor Analysis

Today there are several solutions developed by EOH  other companies, still none of sensor systems are suitable for a daily use to measure riding performance. Alternative products are used by veterinary specialists or saddle fitters for the saddle fitting only and are expensive (starting at ~5000 EUR). EHO system would do much more for a tenth of that price (~500 EUR).



Oskars Priede CO-FOUNDER & CEO
Davids Stebelis CMO

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