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Eiplatform Ico Review : The First Global Platform In The World Of Esports


About Eiplatform

Eiplatform market is growing at a great rate. A compound annual average growth rate of the audience is higher than that of any sport in the world. According to the Deloitte report, Esports will be the most prospective sport for the next 5 years. A growing number of global brands are paying attention to the Esports market, which attracts them with its increasingly growing audience. Prospects for the monetization of the Esports audience attract the maximum attention of major global brands.Despite the incredible growth, the Esports market in global have two major interrelated problems: heavy expenses for ineffective marketing campaigns, and on the other hand, most of the audience doesn’t have access to the main Esports budgets.

Eiplatform As of today, small beginning teams, beginning streamers, medium-sized tournaments and tournaments of local significance do not have access to the budgets of major brands. Often, major brands are interested in a local or selective audience, but they continue to work only with top teams / major tournaments / top streamers, as they show impressive figures. In this situation the brand hits the target audience with large budgets that do not provide maximum efficiency, and the main part of the audience does not receive budgets from top brands. In addition, a large part of the budget is taken by various intermediaries and agencies.

Basic Information

Token Name Eiplatform
Token Symbol  EPM
Social Media Eiplatform Ico Review : The First Global Platform In The World Of EsportsEiplatform Ico Review : The First Global Platform In The World Of EsportsEiplatform Ico Review : The First Global Platform In The World Of Esports
Token Price  1 EMI = 0,1 USD
Platform ETH
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD
Minimal goal  6.000,000 USD
Maximum goal 60.000,000 USD
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Token Distribution

45% Product development
20% Marketing
15% Operation and business
15% Market Makers & Adviser
5% Legal

Direct To Brands-Audience 

  • Excludes intermediaries between the audience and the Brands.
  • Provides smart contracts for convenience in conducting the operations.
  • Allow using the EMP token for rewards in loyalty programs and to pay for various contracts.
  • Artificial intelligence system identifies and classifies the personal behavior of participants in the Esports market, analyzes the complex interaction of these behaviors, and on the basis of requirements and tasks issues a solution for each concerned partner.
  • Optimizes sponsorship expenses by increasing efficiency and increasing profitability for each partner.


  • Brands and Companies don’t understand the audience of Esports and the market itself.
  • Efficiency of investments in the Esports market is decreasing.
  • Small teams, beginning streamers and tournaments of local importance don’t get access to the budgets of large companies.
  • Main part of the marketing budget of Brands is taken by various intermediaries and agencies.
  • A wide part of the audience doesn’t participate in the development of Esports directly.

Eiplatform Solution

  • EIP blockchain technology will offer its users, the large Brands, companies and wide mass audience of Esports, a much greater number of opportunities both in monetization and in functionality!
  • New opportunities for sponsors and partners who will get a vision of the effectiveness of their investments as never before.
  • Users (Audience) will get an exclusive goods and services from Brands and companies.
  • EIP platform will allow entering the market to a large number of non-endemic partners who will be able to use an additional tool to get the target audience.

Growing Global Platform

  • EIP platform, based on the blockchain technology, will allow the widest part of the audience to directly participate in the development of Esport.
  • Further development of the EIP blockchain will allow the widest audience to access the
    budgets of the leading brands.
  • Companies and Brands, using all the main advantages of blockchain technology, such as transparency and accessibility, will cover their demands for access to the target audience.

 Esports Experience

  • The historical cybersport team acknowledged in CIS as well as worldwide.
  • One of the most famous cybersport brand name.
  • Total monthly audience of about 10 million unique users per month.
  • Fan base in social networks of over 1,200,000 users.
  • Cumulative reach in social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram) of over 110 million users.


Rewards and discount programs provide the audience with additional reasons to return to the ecosystem. Brands and Companies will be able to apply any logic in a smart contract and initiate personal reward programs in the EIP ecosystem according to their needs.

Loyalty Programs

Automated mechanisms of encouraging the loyalty are one of the best ways for Brands to reward the regular customers. Engagement and Payments processed by smart contracts will provide evidence that the customer has the right for reward. Brands establish rules for loyalty programs, such as the validity period, list of products and services for which person can spend rewards, amount of reward, etc. Tools of rewards for engagement and loyalty will be embedded in smart contracts that receive from Brands the funds for paying rewards and distribute them among those who provide evidence, linked with the wallet of the consumer.

Application And Website

Brands and Companies will be able, through a configurable set of easily oriented panels, to receive the necessary information on the target audience and publish feedback on the website or in the applications. Official application for the audience implements the consumer side of the model, including access to smart contracts and
access to the goods, services of the Companies, information on which is stored in the decentralized cloud storage.



Sergey Nevodnichiy CEO & Founder

Yury Mertsalov Founder

Vlad Dobrov ICO adviser

Dr. Sead Muftic (Ph.D & M.Sc)

Andrew Spencer SMM

Leo Petersen ICO Advisor

Sergei Savin Advisor

Olga Kovanova CMO

Yuliya Tarasova Legal Advisor

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