Elitecoin ICO Review : P2P trading platform (ETM) built on the algorithm of Scrypt

About Elitecoin 

Elitecoin is a P2P trading platform (ETM) built on the algorithm of Scrypt (PoS/PoW) blockchain that brings a wallet based peer-to-peer trading experience to cryptocurrency traders worldwide. The ETM solution allows users to trade cryptocurrency in a totally decentralized and trustless environment. Elitecoin Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) decentralized application (DApp) eliminates any third party or central authority.

Basic Information

Token Name Elitecoin
Token Symbol ETM
Social Media Elitecoin ICO Review : P2P trading platform (ETM) built on the algorithm of Scrypt Elitecoin ICO Review : P2P trading platform (ETM) built on the algorithm of Scrypt
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 4,050,000 USD
Token supply 50,000,000 ETM
Country United Arab Emirates
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This is where ELITECOIN comes in. Generally, the vision behind the development of this project emanates from the incredible potentials of the cryptosphere. Furthermore, the ever-increasing adoptions make them an integral part of the financial ecosystem
throughout the world. To us, this means that each scale and unit of the retail and e commerce industries will begin the adoption of a cryppto-based payment technologies. However, this will need secure yet innovative encom passing payments service providers.


Before the Bitcoin network emerged, the TCP/IP protocol was widely adopted to transfer
information throughout the world. However, the adoption and development of the
interconnection and integrated technology such as the Augmented / Virtual Reality
and Internet of Things has led to different ways by which people communicate and interact, the sharing of information, and how objects and related entities are tokenized and digitized. However, as Elitecoin society develops.


Financial services

This means that there is no central authority regulating the transaction. This removes all the centralized overhead such as government or financial institution regulating and centralizing all payments at one place. Thus, ELITE enables the decentralization of everything perfect for the technology. ELITECOIN will offer a transparency for business practices, code management, and financial management, and will continue to maintain and uphold high standards of ethical business, trustworthy, honesty.


There are different innovative money payment platforms in the market, many of which are
premised on different platforms and applications such as the internet, digital storage card, and mobile phone. As might be expected, these varied methods of payments have witnessed a continued and encouraging growth ranging from Apple Pay, Samsungpay, PayPal, Alipay,Google Wallet, and the likes. Apart from the payment systems that rely on Fiat currency, the increasing use of the digital currency for payment.


One of the main reasons why people prefer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other decentralized currency is due to its inherent anonymity and privacy. This type of currency enables people to hide their transactions while remaining completely anonymous to foster their privacy. What does this mean? It means that if you buy something online with bitcoin that transaction is less likely to be tracked. Through this advantage, decentralized currencies
are done just like the cash exchanges.


At the moment, it appears like the supply of decentralized currency is surplus, but evidently, the supply will soon be limited.This is because there is a cap or limit to all the decentralized currencies. Inevitably, all the bitcoins will be mined, eventually! It is inevitable. Once the supply is capped, the market of a decentralized currency will work like any other common commodity.


Any regulatory body or authority does not influence or regulate the decentralized currency. Its priced is only derived by its participants.This means no local, regional, national, or even international regulatory body is in charge of the currency. That is the rationale behind the term “decentralized”. Since Bitcoin is the first of such, no internet currency other than bitcoin was decentralized. It is the first ever currency to be able to Function like this. In the traditional banking system, the transfer of value or assets and the related currencies.



Gian Piero Di Cillo CO FOUNDER

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