Envienta Ico Review : An Open Source Hardware-Developing Platform Helping Innovators, Creators

About Envienta

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Envienta is using holistic approach of science and technology to provide feasible alternatives for the mankind. Through DIY maker movements, peer-to-peer platform cooperatives, open source software and hardware developments, off-grid living, resource sharing, blockchain based value exchange, alternative organizational models and education, we create the sustainable, cost-effective and decentralized socioeconomic framework for the 21st century.

Envienta have been operating as an international community controlled initiative since 2015 with full transparency – in the form of a registered non-profit organization in Spain and Hungary and a limited company in the UK.

Token Basic Information

Token NameEnvienta
Token SymbolENV
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap18,000,000 USD
Restricted areasUSA, China
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Envienta Vision

Imagine if people from different fields of expertise worked together to open source everything around us. This way, technological breakthroughs will appear much faster in our daily life, instead of just in patent-protected R&D environments.

The Challenges

“Abundance is evident.” – as Peter H. Diamandis says. But this is only possible if every human beings is able to access to technology. We at Envienta believe that – with the right tools – technological progress can bring abundance, wellbeing and unlimited wealth to people. But suffering from income inequality, financial problems and without alternatives, a growing number of people can’t afford appropriate housing, access to resources and thus enjoy the benefits of sustainable technological innovations. Therefore abundance is not achieved yet.

Why Open Source?

Open source innovation has not only revolutionized the software industry – it’s completely changed the way we think about creativity. To be derivative is now a form of being creative. That is, in order to do something new, we don’t have to build something new – we can use existing and emerging forms, made available through open access, and do something new with them. This promotes a democracy in the innovation game: with open source services, there is no discrimination against persons or groups or against fields or endeavors.

Envienta believe that those who are entering this field will find significant business success. Putting cosmo-localization into practice, our goal is to bring all members of the product development and customers together on a platform from the very beginning. Thus, products always evolve to market needs, lack long iteration phases and lower business risk. As a result, the development is much faster, with the open approach much more innovative. Thanks to the decentralized, horizontally scalable manufacturing model, products can hit the market much earlier, easier to handle individual needs, new product variants or waving market demands.

Social Benefits

The blueprint of an open source product is public property, thus enriching the community. In addition, accelerated innovation and the community development model should provide solutions to problems that the traditional, closed-loop business model can only react slower. Such problems are issues of climate change, watercrisis, or even sustainable living spaces. ENVIENTA’s purpose is to help effectively solve these problems.

How Envienta work

  • Start collaborating with others and collecting followers together right away, while showing your project details and updates.
  • Need investments for designing and prototyping? Most projects are failing before hit the market because developers are running out of pocket. Or worse, simply there is no demand for the product. Deal with market research and the acquisition of funds in one step. Start your campaign by a click.
  • Once a prototype has been made, anyone can modify or download its blueprints for free under Creative Commons license. This way we ensure that the products become public property. You are able to assemble the platform’s any approved product prototype on your own and use it.
  • Let manufacturers and distributors find you and help to make your product wide accessible anywhere in the world for the consumers.. The platform also provides legal protection for open source projects and help bring together supply with demand.

Features of Envienta

  • The core element of this framework is the platform. This is the first, blockchain based system aims to speed up the collaborative open source hardware development, from ideas to prototypes, through manufacturing, sales and distribution, based on local circular economy principles.
  • In terms of cosmo-localization it is vital to recognize the power of strong partnerships, that can help reach a bigger impact. The platform makes possible for anyone to become a manufacturer of products, giving an endlessly scalable, decentralized manufacturing capacity. To apply, several conditions must be met by manufacturers
  • The collaborative coworking spaces where DIY innovators, hardware maker communities and early adopters get together in one place. Sharing, helping or showcasing their MVPs directly receiving feedbacks and help. These local startup accelerators are the primary source of digital blueprints and product prototypes on the platform.
  • In collaboration with universities and business partners, we are establishing a wide variety of education-related services, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs, citizens and communities. Envienta offer a rich environment for learning about the mainstreaming of sustainability and progressing a commons approach in innovation.

Main Components

Community Space

The initial level of product development is the community space where designers can work together to create the blueprints and prototypes of a given product. This space allows product developers to launch crowdfunding campaigns to cover their initial expenses and investments during the prototyping phase.


The cosmo-localized virtual marketplace where consumers can find product manufacturers or distributors nearby. On every product sale, the system captures a fair percentage of license fee for the project developers and the platform itself. This will trigger a rotation, as sales continue to fuel the ecosystem and product development, which generates additional sales. With a simple registration on the marketplace you’ll get the embedded “BUY” button, hence you can choose Envienta manufacturers by a click on any related website on the Internet.


The aim of the franchise is to ensure that members of the ecosystem do not have to develop their own brand and marketing. This burden is taken on by Envienta, as partners can operate under a single brand as a single company for the outside world. Use of the franchise is absolutely free, but there are some conditions. For instance, franchise partners can only sell their products under the rules of the ENVIENTA marketplace.



MemberGabor Kiss, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, co-founder
Gabriel Varaljay, Chief Operating Officer, communication, co-founder
Attila Szilagyi, Platform project manager
Laszlo Fazekas, Lead software developer, blockchain expert
Mate Molnar, Software & multimedia developer

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