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It is no secret that many scientific discoveries and inventions predicted by futurists or science fiction authors eventually come to light. There is ample evidence of this: from the mobile tablets which first appeared in 1969 classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”, to the credit cards predicted in “Looking Backward” as early as in 1888.In the 2020s, nanotech will be used extensively for various medical applications. Among other things, nanorobots in bloodstream will be“feeding” cells and extracting waste.Nanorobots will also be used to perform a detailed scan of the human brain, allowing us to better understand how it works.In the 2030s, nanorobots will be implanted into the brain to control incoming and outgoing signals to and from the brain cells. This will enable “full immersion” virtual reality without the need for any additional equipment.

In fact, it is not really difficult for us also to assume the role of forecasters and devise sufficiently
accurate predictions if just look closely at the developments of technological progress up to the current day. Let us analyze, for example, the most outstanding discoveries of the 21st
century in biomedicine. In the 2040s, the human body will be capable of taking any form through the use of foglet -a large swarm of nanorobots. Internal organs will be replaced by cybernetic systems of much
better quality.Kurzweil predicts the onset of a technological singularity in 2045. At that time, the whole
Earth will begin to transform into a giant supercomputer, and gradually this process will spread to the entire Universe.

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Basic Information

Minimum purchase volume: 0.1 ETH
ETT tokens for sale: 1,750,000,000 ETT
Soft сap: 7,000,000 USD
Hard cap: To be announced when presale is over
Token price
250,000,000 ETT – 0.014 USD
500,000,000 ETT – 0.018 USD
1,000,000,000 ETT – 0.021 USD

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Token sale 

Minimum purchase volume: 0.1 ETH
Additional bonus: + 5% when purchasing more than 10 ETH
ETT tokens for sale: 200,000,000 ETT
Targeted presale cap: 2,000,000 USD
Token price 0.010 USD


Lack of a means of livelihood, including basic necessities:housing, food, medical care, transportation, communication, etc.


The client can define the desired purchasing power of the trust asset to initiate the acquisition of medical services.


Uncertainty over the pace of technological development.


The client can preselect the duration of the trust agreement and extend it indefinitely.


Unachievable objectives


If the priority objective is not available at the time specified by the client or proves to be unrealistic, an alternative pre-agreed strategy will be initiated.


A client contacts passes the KYC-AML procedure acquires the desired number of tokens. Eternal Trusts create a legal infrastructure (paid with Fiat) and a draft smart contract (paid with Tokens). Independent contractors help to break down the global objective into components.Elements of the global object are written into the smart contract (the client pays with Tokens). The smart contract publishes the anonymized set of goals on the marketplace, where they are kept in free access to providers for the application (the client pays the platform with Tokens). Once, the publication of tasks is paid for, access to the list of clients’ tasks is free. Participation of nodes that maintain decentralization of the blockchain.

Product product is to be located on the website on the 15th of April 2018. It is a platform for securing deals and executing transactions aimed at achieving the objectives set out in the client’s smart contracts, which are stored in the blockchain. The purpose of the platform is to maintain an independent iterative process associated with the acquisition of products and services necessary for the client. The time constraints of the service are determined only by the smart contract parameters; the deferred execution of the assigned tasks is inherently incorporated into the functionality. The anonymized tasks of the projects taken from their smart contracts are openly posted on the platform. Potential contractors are free to access the general list of available tasks. Structured information of the most sought-after services is available on a subscription basis, as well as quantitative and qualitative indicators. Potential providers can register on the platform and undergo a rating procedure. The rating score of a provider is conducted using third-party services. Providers that underwent the registration procedure can present their services pursue any of the publicly available tasks. The choice of provider is made by a specialized third-party service according to an algorithm that takes the rating into account.


Before and during the Token Sale, a dedicated section will be posted on landing page, where visitors will be able to formulate dreams or goals unattainable or impossible at current levels of technological progress. This cooperation will be encouraged through a system of incentive payments, within the framework of a bounty program experts will analyze the aggregated information and summarize it into packaged solutions for the customers. In addition, this marketing ploy will allow us to increase the number of blockchain participants, enhancing the stability of the system. Initially, the promotion strategy for that products and services will be based on partner sales. At the Token Sale, they will secure contracts with companies specializing in biomaterial storage, leading life insurers and asset managers, as well as clinics which provide checkup services for VIP clients. Their system of incentives consists of a payment per customer attracted within a 10-20 year timeframe. they are confident that such a system will not only attract the interest of partner organizations but will also motivate existing clients to raise awareness and promote our services within their circles.



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