Best 5 Wallet For Ethereum Classic (ETC)To Store Ethereum Classic Safely

About Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a smarter blockchain, it is a network, a community, and a cryptocurrency that takes digital assets further. In addition to allowing people to send value to each other, ETC allows for complex contracts that operate autonomously and cannot be modified or censored.

This may be best explained with an analogy, imagine Bitcoin as a landline phone—it does one thing very well. ETC is like a smartphone—it can do everything Bitcoin can and much more.

Best 5 Wallet For Storing Ethereum Classic

1. Ledger Nano S

There is no better way to keep ETC funds safe than using a hardware wallet. Ledger Nano S supports ETC, ETH, XRP, BTC and is therefore very important in this regard. But getting your own Ledger Nano S seems to sell soon so it may be a little difficult. Since hardware wallets provide maximum security, it is common to see high demand for these products.

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2. Classic Ether Wallet

Ethereum users are familiar with MyEtherWallet, an outstanding platform for ETH users. The classic Ethereum fork on this platform is the name of the Classic Ether Wallet and offers the same functionality. Users can access Classic Ether Wallet via a web browser or increase security by running an open source client on their computer. Classic Ether Wallet also supports future ICO tokens hosted on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

There is also a special plug-in Classic Ether Wallet Chrome. It has the same functions as the browser and the desktop, but it always works in the Chrome browser. Ethereum Classic users can now freely use many options. This will help the overall development of the classical Ethereum ecosystem, which is not bad at all.

Classic Ether Wallet,

3. EtheCore Parity

Like Ethereum Parity Wallet, this solution has a classic version of Ethereum. This special wallet is designed by Gavin Wood and his team and supports Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. It is wonderful that two currencies are supported in the same wallet that Ethereum developers created. This is certain. Even if there are political differences that need to be considered there is no reason to have a bad relationship between ETH and ETC supporters.

Ethereum Parity

4. Jaxx

If you are looking for a classic Ethereum solution for a hot wallet, you can always see Jaxx. This is a very powerful mobile wallet that supports many different cryptocurrencies and tokens. However, due to the problem of collecting mnemonic seeds, Jaxx is in no way considered a solution for long-term funding. Keeping a small amount of Ethereum classics for consumption is a good decision, but you cannot save lives by any means.

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5. Mist

Mistwallet may be surprised to support Ethereum Classic, assuming it was downloaded from the correct GitHub repository. This special wallet is currently being developed by the Ethereum Foundation, but there is another extension developed by Ethereum’s classic developer. Mist wallet has many features, it is wonderful that this recognized offer applies to Ethereum Classic users as well.

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Tips for securely storing your Ethereum Classic wallet

  • ETC compatibility. Make sure any wallet you choose is compatible with Ethereum Classic tokens. For example, some wallets provide support for Ethereum but not Ethereum Classic, so check the fine print closely before signing up.
  • User-friendly interface. Particularly if you’re new to cryptocurrency, managing your coins and tokens can be complicated and confusing. With this in mind, choosing a wallet with a simple, straightforward and intuitive user interface is a big advantage.
  • Security features. Look for a wallet that allows you to retain control of your private keys at all times. In addition, look for additional security features like multi-sig functionality, two-factor authentication and extra protection from a secure PIN.
  • Backup options. Is the wallet easy to backup? What will you need to do to restore the wallet and access your funds in a worst-case scenario?
  • Ongoing development. Check to see whether the wallet is from a reputable provider and is backed by a strong development team. Is it constantly being upgraded and improved to add extra features, support for more currencies and increased security?
  • Customer support. It’s also important to know whether you’ll be able to access customer support if you ever have a problem with your wallet or a particular transaction. Find out what you need to do to contact the support team and whether they have a good reputation for actually offering timely assistance.
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