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Ethereumfire Ico Review : A Platform Of Cryptocurrency Insurance For Risk Cover

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About Ethereumfire 

The world economy is littered with miscellaneous cryptocurrencies that fail to deliver on their promises and fiat currencies that are controlled by governments for the benefit of themselves. In response to this growing problem, Ethereumfire has developed ETHEREUM FIRE INSURANCE (ETHFI) coin, a cryptocurrency that is initially released 60 percent gold-backed coin, is completely decentralized, and is free from manipulation by any single entity. The initial released 60% gold backed coin means that the quantity of gold backing the coin at the time of initial release is not affected by the price volatility of ETHFI coin or Gold in the future.

Ethereumfire coins are unique because they have been created specifically for global usage with a virtual wallet that eliminates the need to carry physical cash. The advantages of ETHFI, Etherum blockchain based software contracts (smart contracts) enable ETHFI coins to be decentralized, secure, and transparent for all users. ETHFI will initially employ standard digital coins that are exchangeable for specified cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. ETHFI holders will have the ability to buy and sell their coins following the official listing on the public cryptocurrency exchange. All users of ETHFI coins are entitled to use their coins to make payments or remittances, to sell their coins on cryptocurrency exchange.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Ethereumfire
Token Symbol ETHFI
Social Media Ethereumfire Ico Review : A Platform Of Cryptocurrency Insurance For Risk CoverEthereumfire Ico Review : A Platform Of Cryptocurrency Insurance For Risk Cover
ICO Price 1 ETHFI = 0.23 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC
Available for sale 25,000,000 ETHFI (50%)
Total supply 50,000,000 ETHFI
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Why Ethereumfire Insurance

Ethereumfire believe the industry is now in a position where executives can embark on a digital journey to achieve real impact.The question is no longer “if” digital technologies will change the industry, it’s “how” and “when.” The challenge—or opportunity—for incumbents in the digital transformation lies in determining the concrete steps they should be taking right now to join (if not lead) the digital revolution while maximizing existing assets. Last year, our digital compendium, Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise, examined how carriers could create a comprehensive framework for digital transformation. These insights are still relevant today, and we encourage you to read (or reread) this compendium for a holistic approach to digital change. This new collection of articles builds on our compendium and extends the discussion to two areas: reinventing the core of insurance and pushing our thinking on disruption and what the future holds for insurance. We see insurers moving away from shiny objects and toward measurable impact. Successful carriers are conducting pilots in clearly prioritized parts of the value chain, such as underwriting and claims, and are preparing to scale successful applications across the enterprise.Furthermore, digital technologies are giving rise to ecosystems that could allow insurers to extend their reach or to partner with companies in other industries. Carriers have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by providing an excellent customer experience across multiple points of contact.

At the same time, shareholders also expect to earn their fair share of the digital dividend. The outlook is positive for carriers that move quickly and decisively in a winner-take-all world. Technology and analytics are critical enablers of these efforts. But there is more work to do to align strategy, processes, and talent with a digital road map. As operations become increasingly automated and analytics enables faster decision making, the future workforce will also become more tech-savvy and shift to comprise more data analysts. Many unknowns remain. Innovation is accelerating and radically reshaping all areas of the organization; how exactly the transformation will unfold or how different parts of the value chain will ultimately be reshaped is on all of us to discover (or shape).Digital and analytics continue to change how we live, work, and play. They will also be the driving force for the future of insurance—which we believe will be a bright one. This collection of articles seeks to paint a compelling picture of the industry’s future and suggests specific strategies that insurance executives should consider when plotting their next move in the digital space. We hope you enjoy the reading and look forward to hearing from you!

Digital Insurance Technologies of Blockchain

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing how businesses across all industries operate and serve their customers—and insurance is no exception. In recent years, the industry has started to change. Ethereumfire see inspiring stories of technology transforming a given task or function—but often these are more anecdotal and piecemeal than part of a larger, coordinated, and strategic vision.

Blockchain : A Potential Game-Changer for Life Insurance

In a world in search of more open, trusted and secure IT systems, all eyes are on blockchain, which through its distributed ledger, smart contracts and non-repudiation capabilities acts as a shared infrastructure that can transform multiple processes across the insurance value chain. Here’s how.Blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger with non-repudiation of transactions that can work in the absence of trust across a peer-to-peer network. In 2016 alone, over $1.4 billion2 was poured into blockchain technology globally across various domains, primarily through investments in numerous start-ups in the healthcare, finance and supply-chain sectors. Even insurers have left no stone unturned to explore blockchain’s potential for various solutions through.

Why Buy Ethereumfire Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a financial cover for a contingency linked with human life, like death, disability, accident, retirement. Human life is subject to risks of death and disability due to natural and accidental causes. When human life is lost or a person is disabled permanently or temporarily, there is loss of income to the household.Though human life cannot be valued, a monetary sum could be determined based on the loss of income in future years. Hence, in life insurance, the Sum Assured ( or the amount guaranteed to be paid in the event of a loss) is by way of a ‘benefit’. Life Insurance products provide a definite amount of money in case the life insured dies during the term of the policy or becomes disabled on account of an accident.

Ethereumfire Features

  • Claims in the digital age
  • Insurance beyond digital
  • Insurance 2030–The impact of AI on the future of insurance
  • Friends or foes: The rise of European aggregators and their impact on traditional insurers.
  • Commercial lines insurtech: A pathway to digital
  • Claims in the digital age: How insurers can get started



Ivan Smirnov, Business Relations Manager

Marie Tremblay, Capital Development

Liu Jianguao, Operations Manager

Zhang Wei Wang, Development Manager

Aadhya Agarwal, Marketing Director

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