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Exbega ICO Review : This token already has the function of 3 integrated


About Exbega

The idea of Exbega in the first step is to collect to produce the terminals. They zalready have 300 installation sites in the Ukraine, which will be provided with terminals after the production. They have own betting platform, which will be developed in second step. Furthermore the implementation of an App for the betting, casino games and the possibility to buy and sell crypto coins will be developed.

Exbega  After the initial funding stock of customers in the Ukraine will be stable and create high revenues, due to product covering the 3 parts: sports betting, casino gambling and crypto exchange. 30% of these earnings will be shared with the security token owners and are distributed at the end of the year in EtH (Ethereum).

Basic Information

Token Name Exbega
Token Symbol ===
Social Media Exbega ICO Review : This token already has the function of 3 integrated
Price ====
Language English
Country Unspecified
No Restriction
Soft CAp ====
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Exbega lottery

Exclusive discounted tickets for the Exbega lottery, which will be distributed on a regular basis only to Exbega token holders. Exbega lottery will be held regularly exclusively for token holders.

Money back guarantee system

The money back guarantee! Betting top rates or gamble in casino. If it’s not working in your favor this time, you get 20% of your loss back.

Community voting

The Ethereum blockchain provides you the possibility to have your own voice. The concept of community voting allows us to include investors into our decision making process.

Payment methods

Tokens can be used for trading, investing, gaming and directly in shop. Theyoffer merchandise, different products or running marketing campaigns.

Gaming token

Exbega tokens should not only be traded on crypto exchanges moreover be used on  EXBEGA website in games. Some games will be exclusive for token holders.

Exbega jackpot

Token holders have the unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive, self-developed EXBEGA-jackpot, which will be offered by authorized merchants.

Exbega own games

Exbega  make one step after another and already have a long path behind us since the start of development in the gaming sector. Naturally there are many reasons why the development of own games is an absolute must.

You do not have to pay third parties, you can develop freely and provide your own content specifically targeted to your own market needs. As soon as everything is running we will take this path and give token holders the possibilities to use their Exbega  -tokens in own games.

Token distribution

120,000,000 EXBEGA token will be generated

10,000,000 bonus token for the early sales times are already included. 50,000,000 token will be available for the public. 20,000,000 token are used for advisors, bounty and PR companies. 10,000,000 will be distributed to the founders. The company holds the remaining 30,000,000 token. The tokens held by the company are for stabilizing the value, prevent pump and dump market actions.

Token distribution: 120,000,000

  • Token sale 50,000,000 42%
  • Company 30.000.000 25%
  • Founder 10.000.000 8,50%
  • Marketing 20.000.000 16%
  • Bonus 10.000.000 8,50%

Exbega – Typ ERC-20

Utility token:

Token may be used for follow up projects and partner products. Available tokens: 120,000,000.

Secured token:

Token may be handed in for shares of the company. Available tokens : 1000


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