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Farad Ico Review: Commoditising Forward Purchase Contract in Ultra-capacitor

About Farad

Farad Cryptoken is the first of it’s kind among the cryptocurrencies that exist in the market. The main difference of Farad Cryptoken is that it is backed by real economic activity which is the production of Ultra-capacitors within actual factory settings.

Basic Information

Token NameFRD
Token Sale1,280,000,000 FRD
Social MediaFarad Ico Review: Commoditising Forward Purchase Contract in Ultra-capacitor Farad Ico Review: Commoditising Forward Purchase Contract in Ultra-capacitor Farad Ico Review: Commoditising Forward Purchase Contract in Ultra-capacitor
Token Price0.13 USD
Token Raised10,506 USD
Hard Cap=====
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Trust-less system of economic exchanges

Now let’s turn to another major issue in any economic exchanges namely the what could be termed as the trust-less system of economic exchanges. It is well known that one of the central problems in economic exchanges is about “Payments” versus “Delivery” or sometimes also termed as “Post Trade Settlements”. The standard solution for this problem is for the market to operate through “market intermediaries” which functions as the central party playing the role of intermediation, as the custodian and clearing agents for both sides of the exchanges. For this to happen, all parties must “trust” the intermediary to play its role. Banks, stock exchanges, fund managers – are among the notable examples of these “trusted” intermediaries.

Intermediary-less transactions

there are no need for any central party or “trusted” intermediaries to be a middle party to the transactions. The transacting parties are relying directly on each other through a system whereby “trusting” someone is not relevant; but rather the trust is being relied upon the system itself and the system is free from human interference.

Irreversibility and immutability of transactions

once an exchange is agreed, as per agreed value and terms, it is no longer changeable or mutable, unless by mutual consent by both parties; no parties could unilaterally change or cancel unless certain pre-agreed arrangements had been made. Despite any arrangements made, it must be made and agreed within the public domain rather than on a personalized domain, which makes such transactions to be immutable.

Transparency, responsibility, and accountability

  • the execution of the trade is within the public environment, where all items are fully transparent to everyone.
    Furthermore, the responsibilities are clearly defined and every party is fully responsible for their promises, and be accountable for it as well.

Blockchain distributed ledger technologies and cryptoken

The main thrust of the blockchain technology is commonly termed as Distributed Ledger and Database Technologies. It is best described as the encrypted database of ledger transactions which are distributed over the networks as the records which are commonly maintained by the participating computers on the networks, and updated by the networks continuously from the beginning of its creation up to the current time. The network is a fully decentralized system and the maintenance of such a network is done on a voluntary basis. It is dubbed as the new way of computing, which overcomes many of the defects of the centralized systems of database management.

Tokenising metal oxide

The main subject of this paper is how to could create a “trust-less” economic exchanges in real life environment based on a commodity, which in this case is an Intellectual Property Rights over a certain technology used in the manufacturing of metal oxide based ultracapacitors. This section proceeds with a brief description of the technology (or IPR), and how such IPR be commoditized.

Ultra-capacitors technology

Capacitors had been in the market for a long time, however, only of late the advancement in the technology of capacitors had taken giants leaps whereby the race for the energy storage market had produced what is called as ultra-capacitors. In the case of the specific metal oxide based ultra-capacitors technology that dealt with here, took a long time from its early days of discoveries to reach the marketplace. It is reminiscent of a case where funding and investments took a long time before any positive returns on investments are realized. What further complicates the matter is the intellectual property involved are very delicate, as it involves multi-facets from the scientific discovery to the industrialization of the manufacturing process and all the way to the end products for the users. All in all, it took almost 30 years from the early discovery, to where it is today.1

The novelty of the suggested approach

The approach suggested should have lots of future development implications for any IPR developers and owners, who would like to get their IPR funded. In particular, many IPR had reached beyond the pilot stage and had begun the industrial applications. Which at such stage, the pull and push, between the push of the market demands for greater disclosures of the IPR and the pull of maintaining the advantage of secrecy within the IPR is the greatest.


Investments in technological innovations require a platform where the investors and the innovators could trade with each other by exchanging Intellectual Property Rights commodity. For such commodity to have any economic values, it must carry with it the economic appropriation rights claimed by the innovation. The commodity could be structured using the blockchain technology, in forms of crypto-token, or cryptoken.


Muhamed Catic – CHAIRMAN

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