Farasha Ico Review : Speak the language of your body platform

About Farasha

FARASHA blockchain will facilitate immediate fund transfer into escrow accounts. All constituents can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts, immutably releasing payments upon completion and approval of milestones such as visits, paperwork completion, invoicing, etc. FARASHA CARE will facilitate, automate, and document all steps of patient care from referral to billing. FARASHA CARE will minimize and potentially eliminate nonpayment by payer, thus increasing profitability, removing uncertainty and establishing trust among all members of the FARASHA network.

Basic Information

Token SymbolFLB
Social MediaFarasha Ico Review : Speak the language of your body platformFarasha Ico Review : Speak the language of your body platformEternaltrusts Ico Review : Disrupting the Industry of Fiduciary Services
Token supply250,000,000 FLB
Token for sale200,000,000 FLB (80%)
RestrictionsNo restrictions
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Real time detection

Researchers have been using several data mining techniques to help health care professionals in the diagnosis of heart disease. Decision Tree is one of the successful
data mining techniques used. However, most research has applied J4.8 Decision
Tree, based on Gain Ratio and binary discretization. Gini Index and Information Gain
are two other successful types of Decision Trees that are less used in the diagnosis of
heart disease.

Access a highest quality care and get a diagnosis in real time

It becomes very expensive and complicated to have access to a high quality of medical
services due to different factors : distance, inefficient insurance and medical systems,
availability of high quality doctors… Also, in many countries, patients get just a few
minutes with a healthcare specialist making correct diagnosis and treatment harder.


Relocation and decentralization of cardiac reinforcement training sessions

Generally, a cardiologist submits his patient to cardiac strengthening sports activities
in hospital. Because of a lack of means, these trainings sessions are not done or done
without enough control or follow-up.

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Cross-border payment for healthcare services

Out of country payments for healthcare services often take days and can be stopped
in many countries due to their national laws. This can significantly increase the risk of
non-payment and decrease the hospitalization speed of a foreign citizen.

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Denial and late payment and denial of Healthcare insurances

Healthcare insurance payers often deny and delay claim payment, which cause an
immediate cash flow issue to many healthcare providers.



S.CRIER Executive assistant

Y. LEIDWANGER Electronics Engineer

F.LEMOINE Hardware Architect

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