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About is the native platform token that allows users to participate in the Library and gain rewards for their work.

The token can be gained by uploading files, adding metadata, sharing free drive space or doing other things that are beneficial to the Library. Users can spend their tokens on subscribing to pro features, buying private storage space or exchanging them for paid content, such as movies, TV shows, music or books.

Basic Information

Token SymbolFFM
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Token Price$ 0.01
Public Sale10.000,00
Pre Sale
$ 1 000 000
Private Salw $1 000 000
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The Problem

No legal file library with specialized file search that offers both paid and free content

No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to create personal public file catalogs

No single file marketplace with effective payments, ensuring transparent remuneration system for authors and correct metadata.

Solution Library unites technology and people to form a semi decentralized data platform on an open and equal basis.
  1. 1. The platform is built on two decentralized bases:
    • – P2P file sharing network in a browser
    • – P2P payments system on blockchain
  2. 2. It provides useful content gathered by community
  3. 3. Clear and convenient legal control of content

Main content types on the platform

  • – free stock photos, paid stock photos
  • – free/paid stock videos
  • – public domain books, educational materials – videos, presentations, docs
  • – documentaries, creative commons, creator’s video channels
  • – datasets, maps, music sheets, lyrics
  • – freeware and opensource software, etc.
  • – paid content

Legal and copyright control of the content

They believe there is lot of content that is useful for common public and doesn’t infringe/abuse any copyrights. They will ask users to gather and publish any content they believe is public and could benefit other people. In case of copyright claims, they will allow authors to decide what to do:
  • – leave it as it is
  • – set a price for views/downloads
  • – block access and implement DMCA-like procedures.


FFL is a hybrid fog computing platform with open source Web browser platform, as well as desktop and mobile apps, aimed at creating a hybrid P2P storage and sharing network. The FFL network is a semi-decentralized network made up of classic cloud storage servers, P2P super-nodes and end-user nodes where users can store files and share them with other community members on the platform.

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P2P application and decentralization

The main problem with classic client-server architecture: as the number of users increases, speed drops but the service costs increase.

P2P technology is needed to ensure system growth, speed and cost-effectiveness – to implement massive file sharing for a large and fast-growing number of users while achieving these targets:

– fast download speed
– unlimited traffic
– able support thousands of simultaneous users and traffic spikes
– reduce service maintenance fees
– independent file exchange 


Why use blockchain and tokens?

The level of transparency and independence that blockchain provides.

All transactions, sales and licenses are registered on a public ledger and turn immutable.

They would like to create and use independently exchangeable digital currency instead of credits. FFM tokens will allow users, doers, customers and creators to become a part of the platform’s economy and value.

Crypto token transactions will cost less than credit card payments, which in turn allows users to implement and execute micropayments. Advantages

10 years experience in cloud file storage and backup solutions for SME and private users. 1M monthly web users and:

cloud storage platform

web and desktop apps

knowledge of large scale storage systems

current user base

working decentralized alpha version


Janis Viklis CEO

Madara Paegle CTO

Pauls Sondors CFO

Janis Lamsters COO

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