Fortem Capital ICO Review : The First Ever Platform On The Polish Market

About Fortem Capital

Fortem Capital is creating the first ever platform the Polish market based onblockchain technology. The platform allows to invest in the projects in a simple and secure way. They provide investors with an opportunity to invest their assets in real property sector, through projects by using the Fortem Capital token. Fortem Capital have many years’ experience and so far have carried out the projects of a total value exceeding 40 million USD.

Basic Information

Token Name Fortem Capital
Token Symbol FCQ
Social Media Fortem Capital ICO Review : The First Ever Platform On The Polish Market Fortem Capital ICO Review : The First Ever Platform On The Polish Market Fortem Capital ICO Review : The First Ever Platform On The Polish Market
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 42,000,000 USD
Country Unspecified
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Biggest class of assets

Real estate as a part of fixed assets is still the biggest class of assets when it comes to their value. According to Harvard Business School, the global value of mortgage loans is around 20 trillion USD. Additionally, investments portfolios of real estate investment trusts sum up to 800 billion USD. This is an obvious consequence of considering that type of assets to be safest on the market and making it core of almost every investment portfolio. However, it is worth noting that the business branch significantly changed over 30 years.

Real estate market

The necessity of hiring and paying various experts (for example brokers, lawyers), which increases the costs long before being able to benefit from the investment. Information asymmetry caused by limit edexchange of knowledge in market and high competitiveness, consequently making the transactions less comfortable and secure. Lack of a digital system to process transactions – most of them are still made in a traditional manner of a paper contract. Again, it is very time-consuming, slows down the whole investment.


Fortem capital platform

The purpose of the IEO is to raise funds for the development of the Fortem Capital platform and several chosen projects. The platform enables investing into properties from portfolio with fiat money as well as digital currencies via token FCQ. An immense amount of
experience and understanding of the problems faced by investors made Fortem Capital notice the potential of tokenizing the sector. The whole concept of the platform is incredibly simple and transparent due to the blockchain technology.


Company revitalises historic buildings and invests in similar projects in order to bring
back the neglected greatness of some properties while making them highly functional and
designing the interiors in a smart, modern style. Cooperate with the best experts on the
market to ensure that projects become absolutely unique and to create a distinctive value. experience, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and financial skills are pivotal when it comes to selecting and planning our activities.

Historic value

Fortem Capital focus on buildings that played an important part in the history of cities. Attractive architecture is equally important and so is the economic perspective. Tenements appeal to us the most because of their unexploited pure potential. By preserving the original historic soul of buildings and merging it with modern solutions aimed at providing comfort and functionality to residents, create exceptional products, good enough to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Why blockchain

The goal of Fortem Capital was to find a way to introduce an innovative and uncomplicated
method of investing in real estate and increase the number of potential investors. The solution is nothing else but blockchain – a global technology that offers a high level of
transaction convenience, guaranteeing safety and offering clear rules. They are going to use the blockchain technology to provide a decentralized, stable, transparent and efficient platform that allows clients to invest in real estate through tokens.

Smart contracts’ role

The real estate market is traditionally crowded with brokers and agents. As noted earlier,
a number of people are usually involved in the purchase and sale of real estate, including lawyers, brokers, government officials, depositaries and others. This archaic structure generates unnecessary costs and delays the entire procedure. The solution offered by Fortem Capital is going to use smart contracts, which will automate most of the processes, making the whole operation far more dynamic and less expensive.



Maciej Król CO-FOUNDER
Tomasz Petrus CO-FOUNDER
Jakub Cukierski CO-FOUNDER

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