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Freldo Ico Review: Unleash the power of service market


About Freldo

Freldo largest economy in the world – the USA – is based on a mix of both small and medium businesses. According to statistics, the share of small businesses in the gross domestic product of the United States is 62%. As a rule, these are small enterprises providing services to the public. They range in size from several people to several dozens. Moreover, many of the individuals who are inspired by the successes of their boss, plan to open their own small business themselves in the future. According to research, about 20% of the employees of the enterprise end up branching out on their own. Such a favorable business climate contributes to the fact that a huge number of new small companies and entrepreneurs, who are looking for clients, appear on the United States market every year. A very similar situation has developed in Canada. Here the statistics show that about 3 million small businesses provide half of the economic power of the entire private sector of the country. In addition, Canada’s small businesses produce 27% of the gross domestic product.

Basic Information

Token symbolFRECN
Social MediaFreldo Ico Review: Unleash the power of service marketFreldo Ico Review: Unleash the power of service marketFreldo Ico Review: Unleash the power of service market
Token supply800 000 000
Price1 ETH = 5 000 FRECN
Ethereum ERC-20
600 000 000
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Freldo solves problems of modern services market in several stages:

  • quick and convenient search by specified parameters
  • no fake reviews
  • order of goods and services directly from Freldo account
  • safe transactions and transparency thanks to blockchain and smart contracts


Freldo network is created for the practical solution of everyday problems of people and contributing to the development of small and medium businesses. The comany goal is to make a revolution in the services market by implementing blockchain technology to the business-client relationship, providing small business with the tools of large networks and companies. Helping in development of small and medium businesses, Freldo network has created a platform where customers can quickly and easily find a quality specialist at the best prices, and specialists successfully develop, while securing the transactions for all network participants with the help of smart contracts.

Market Review

General market problems

A typical phenomenon was the non-optimal use of small business resources. At a time when there is a need to concentrate them on the development of the project, business owners are forced to spend time and money on maintaining an online or offline store, conducting another advertising campaign, etc. Freldo As a rule, to enter the market, small businesses have to spend unnecessarily large sums of money. But even after such investments, significant amounts are spent monthly only to support the work of a store or an information guide. In addition, small businesses often face problems created by bureaucracy. It carries unnecessary costs when making payments. There are other risks and costs that reduce the efficiency of small businesses and their competitiveness in the market.

Problems of customers

The situation that has developed on the market also creates a number of serious problems for buyers, including customers’ services which are focused on small businesses:

  • A potential customer easily finds on the Internet the offers of large corporations. However, searching for unique products provided by small businesses is difficult. In many cases, the services of this segment are not represented at all in online stores.
  • There is not enough presentation material. Often, small business services are presented so poorly that a potential client cannot receive objective information about the quality of the product and its essence. As a result, the buyer refuses to purchase, turning their search to the proposals of large corporations.
  • It is impossible to verify the reliability of customer feedback on the services offered. Of the Internet-resources often published, there are only those reviews that are beneficial to the supplier. Often they are organized by the company itself and mislead the client.
  • Many Internet sites require prepayment but do not provide any guarantees. Freldo also discourages customers who fear the risk of financial loss, even if it is a question of a very small amount. In addition, the global network is full of warnings and stories about fraud and one-day websites that accept prepayments
    but do not provide any goods or services for them.


Eugene Olkhovski – Founder & CEO of Freldo  
Zelik Levit – CTO
Pavel BrokhmanSenior Technical Consultant
Pavel Brokhman – Senior Technical Consultant
Gennadiy Shlayer – Enterprise Data Architect 
Yevgeny Merkulov – Technical Lead
Alex Manzyukov – Lead Developer Consultant 

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