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- Advertisement - ultimate goal is the maximum return for members! They only earn if  members earn. GetNode is not a “fast empire system”. They build on sustainable and therefore long-term master-mode coins and optimize our structure daily. They usually pay out every two weeks. If the cycle is interrupted, it may be on public holidays or weekends. They try to optimize processes so that they can pay out as regularly as possible. If a payout takes a few extra days, do not worry, nothing is lost.

How to Regiater Account

Register for free

You can sign up for free at GetNode and get an idea of ​​the company.

Deposit in Euro or Bitcoin

You can deposit in Bitcoin or in Euro in the Masternode Pool. You have the choice!

Automatic payment

You will automatically receive your payment in Bitcoin or Euro. We are here according to your wishes.

Long Membership

The membership is 180 days. After the time has expired, the member (s) can withdraw his percentage of the pool (pool value). If a member does not want that and GetNode continues to run the service, the service just keeps running. Then there is no new deadline and you can then withdraw the deposit on any desired day. 

Good Masternodes

The criteria for a good Masternode Coin are in our view the following:
– For more than 3 years on the market
– Stable price despite volatile market phases
– Active Discord Community
– Fast developer support
– A real project behind the coin
– Well-maintained website and social media Channels
– Realistic Block Rewards

Why crypto fans choose us!

“Die-hard” crypto fans have already had a lot of experience. Not always good. With our approach of focusing everything on the member and the steady earnings, rather than the most generous commissions for referrers, they prove that the long term is different. Getnode only earns, if the members earn well.

Masternode experts

The Masternode team consists of experienced experts from the Blockchain and Masternode industries.

Market leader

GetNode is proud to say they serve one of the world’s largest masters pools. And the first of its kind.

Fair calculation will pay you into the Masternode Pool and take only 25% off your Masternode earnings.

Easy and fast login

In three simple steps, you have logged in. In the back office you have access to our InfoPortal with video instructions. Now click on LOGIN in the menu above or use the link provided by your contact person.

The GetNode affiliate program

To participate in the GetNode affiliate program, you must be a paid member of the club yourself. You will receive your individual partner link after login in your system.

It is important to us that you know that 100% of the deposit goes into the Masternodes (or Masternode Pool). We pay only commissions on the proceeds.

The remuneration

The commission of our affiliate program is calculated over 3 levels. Promote someone directly, you get 8% of its income. If this person is now wooing someone you will receive 4% of the income of the person you recruit. At the third level, you still get 2%.

All earn only when the customer earns

It is important to mention at this point, they pay the commission for the affiliate program from our already deducted management fees. Regardless of whether someone was recruited or not, they always take the same lump sum to cover costs and for sales They take administrative costs and distribution costs exclusively as a percentage of the profit. The amounts paid in will be paid in full into the service.

Click Here To Join

Disclaimer: Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.So Please take care of your investments. and be in the safety site and avoid much losing online.


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