Gexan ICO Review : a new level of blockchain lotteries

About Gexan 

Gexan is to create an autonomous decentralized lottery platform. Gexan want to make fair lotteries with high level of participants’ gains, as well as to minimize losses receiving the prizes.

Basic Information

Token Name Gexan
Token Symbol GEX
Social Media Gexan ICO Review : a new level of blockchain lotteriesGexan ICO Review : a new level of blockchain lotteriesGexan ICO Review : a new level of blockchain lotteries
Hard cap 620,137 BTC
Token supply 1,480,000 GEX
Token for sale 1,000,000 GEX
Country Russia
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Moreover, these problems are getting worth due to the difficulty of obtaining a prize, high commissions and taxation. With the introduction of blockchain technology, these problems have become quite solvable. On the Gexan platform, all stages of the draws, including the purchase of tickets, random numbers generation, distribution of the fund prize, verification of the winners are based on the technology of the distributed register. Moreover, everything is built on open source code, which will be published on Github.


Gexan team will develop an ecosystem consisting of its own blockchain with masternode functions, hybrid POW+POS consensus algorithm, GEX coins, lottery platform, smart contracts, participant wallets, Fiat site gateways and mobile applications. Thus, will get the following advantages over traditional online lotteries. The blockchain technology makes the movement of funds transparent so it is possible to track whether, when and to what extent the payments were made.



First of all, the lottery code will be written – some kind of Powerball game. The participant must “guess” the five main balls (choices are from 1 to 36), as well as one ball is additional one. Just it is called the ball “Powerball”. In total, this gambling game has nine prize categories. The minimum prize will be obtained if you guess the ball “Powerball” (values from 1 to 10). You just have to choose 5 numbers in the purchased ticket. The draw will take place every day, and the fall of balls with numbers in the system is calculated according the random number generator.


The next type of lottery will have guaranteed winners. The draw will be held in the following way: all participants send the desired number of tickets to the common pool, to the smart contract that records incoming transactions. Then there is a probabilities calculation of each participant according to the number of tickets sent to them. The more tickets the player has sent, the higher chances he/she has to take prizes. After that, there is a “mixing” of all tickets and randomly the winners is determined. The first three places take most of the pool.


A few weeks after the completion of the Presale stage, the promo lottery with large prizes in the form of BTC will be held. To participate in such lotteries, a relatively expensive entrance threshold is provided, but the main prize will be drawn among the lottery participants 100%. Details of each of them will be announced in advance through social channels. Gexan are not going to stop there in the future and Gexan will introduce new types of lotteries to attract more players.


Investors at the IEO stage have a unique opportunity to buy a masternode or a certain amount of GEX for POS-stacking. Purchasing a certain amount of GEX at the IEO stage, you will receive new GEX every day after withdraw to your wallet. Really it is a unique opportunity for the blockchain lottery. And the sooner you take part in the purchase of coins, the sooner you will begin to generate new GEX in your wallet. The installation guide is published on the site to install Masternode.


Gexan mission, plan to create and distribute around the world a new type of fair, transparent lotteries, where each participant will be able to check the rewards fairness and payments speed. understand that to develop a product to such a level, Gexan need serious investments in advertising and promotion of the product, so our first task is to create a working product that corresponds to the key parameters. The lottery pays itself and does not require finances to maintain the work.



Artem Vakhrushev FOUNDER

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