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Giegle Ico Review : Finally a decentralized platform for the leisure market


About Giegle

Giegle is worlds first online platform that charges low prices for her services and guarantees through a smart contract a maximum indexation of 2.5% annually. Many platforms, moreover most platforms increase their prices dramatically once they are successful, and the majority of professional users are “hooked “ to the service and a large portion of their business is generated by the platform. And this happens often, while the success has also come by the support from it’s users and their smart use of the platform. GIEGLE.IO wants to do fair business, where the leisure market can rely on us and the users can have maximum benefit of their own success.

Basic Information

Token Name Giegle
Token Symbol GIEGLE
Social Media Giegle Ico Review : Finally A Decentralized Platform For The Leisure MarketGiegle Ico Review : Finally a decentralized platform for the leisure marketGiegle Ico Review : Finally a decentralized platform for the leisure market
Exchange rate 0.000167 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Language English
Payment ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
Hard Cap $204,000,000 USD
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Current situation

When consumers searching for information on the Internet they get all kinds of in feedback which is not often useful. A big percentage of the companies in the leisure market are small companies, which poorly connect to the internet business, both from the perspective of knowledge as well as because of financial incapability’s. This keeps these companies abandoned from smart services in the area of online marketing, company management, better purchase deals and many other value-adding services.


Giegle will build a finding machine and offer a complete and wide array of services to the market, which enlarge the influence of the vendor to its own business success and adding extra revenue streams to its business model. The service will be offered in a WYSIWYG manner so there is no extra knowledge required to use the services and its systems fully.

How it works

For the Consumers

A consumer can create a (always) free account, in where they can create their own profile based on interests. Within their account they can invite friends to participate, and they can send out suggestions for attending leisure events as group. The profile furthermore enhances the use of the platform, where only information of interest is being displayed. When a consumer has a profile, the platform will send suggestions for leisure events on a regularly basis, where often the consumer can have first right of booking. (presales)

For the Companies

Companies can create a free account, which enables them to use the base technology for presenting their company/services. Besides the free account, companies can use paid services, which consist of an array
of marketing, sales and administrative tools. These tools will generate better margins, larger turn-over and a better management process. Results of all tools will be measurable, which learns the management how to finetune their marketing, sales and administrative processes.

GIEGLE Platform

The purchase of tokens involves a high degree of risk. Before acquiring tokens, it is recommended that each participant carefully weigh all the information and risks detailed in this Whitepaper, and specifically, the following risk factors:

Dependence on infrastructure

Ethereum and the Internet implies that Giegle can offer no assurances that a system failure would not adversely affect our software. Break-ins, network delays or other
disruptions caused by third parties may result in interruption, delay, or even suspension of services, which would limit the use of the tokens.

Community Engagement

The success of Giegle is dependent upon the acceptance and support of the parcel industry. They want to actively engage with all participants and so have community discussion boards on the platform. While they actively monitor the channels to keep the conversation civil, productive, and in compliance with  Community Code of Conduct, Giegle otherwise do not censor any comments or threads. Additionally, they actively maintain social media profiles. Deliverers are encouraged to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Roelof Meijer

Caspar Melis

Frank Wijnen

Ajay Shukla

Vipin Shukla

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