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Registered in 2016 in the UK, holding company was originally a closed joint stock company, which did not have large assets and international partners, but three years of productive activity in the market allowed increasing capitalization by 800%, and now they are successfully developing more than 30 subsidiaries in different market sectors and different countries.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by extreme volatility and a variety of financial instruments. Forex market has a record daily turnover, and buying/selling/renting real estate is the most reliable and break-even investment channel. In turn, affiliate hedge funds provide with significant assistance in minimizing risks for a given yield. They fully use the principle of diversification, which allows to stabilize and increase profits.

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Basic Information

Min Investment  $15.00
Min Withdraw $ 0.1
Avg. Refer Rate 3 Level Refer System 4.2% – 1.7% – 0.7%
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Web I.P
Customer Support 24/7
Company Address UK
Payment Accepted EPS: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoincash.
Links Homepage

Investment Plan Of 

107% for 5 working days Min-max Deposit15$ – 450$

125% for 14 working days Min-max Deposit40$ – 2500$

162% for 27 working days Min-max Deposit400$ – 20000$

220%  for 50 working days Min-max Deposit700$ – 70000$

370% for 47 working days Min-max Deposit900$ – 100000$

500% for 68 working days Min-max Deposit1500$ – 150000$

What Is G-POINTS Program 

G-POINTS multi-level bonus program with accrual of points is in operation on our platform Gissis to encourage our investors and increase their profits.

Accrual points G-Points is designed to create additional opportunities for passive earnings. From the number of points that you get by performing various actions depends on the amount of cash bonuses earned and the size of your profit.

1️⃣Already at the first level, you start receiving additional bonus points on the fund movements on your project account.

G-Points are assigned:
– when opening a deposit;
– upon accrual of profit on the deposit;
– when accruing interest on the referral program;
– when reinvesting the amount invested in the project.

?1 G-Points = $1

?For instance. By filling up your deposit for $100, you will instantly get 100 G-Points. As soon as the referral brings you $200 affiliate reward, your internal currency account will be credited with 200 G-Points.

Earning a certain amount of G-Points, you raise your level in the system. At each new level, various bonuses await you, making it possible to earn even more.

5️⃣When you go to level 5 – $50 will be automatically credited to your account in the system.
You will have a new source of profit-payments from the 4th level of the referral system (up to level 5 deductions are only from the first three referral branches). Moreover, the size of referral deductions also increases with the increase of your level.

6️⃣When you go to level 6 – $100 will be automatically credited to your account in the system.

7️⃣When you go to level 7 – you will get an impressive amount on your additional deposit.

9️⃣At level 9 – you have access to an automatic withdrawal of funds – you can get instant money transfers from the system to your electronic wallet, as well as withdraw funds from the deposit ahead of schedule, before the end of the investment period.

?Start earning G-Points today, increase your level in the system and get nice cash bonuses.

Multifold profit on platform Gissis are received by investors who reinvest the entire amount of the previously received income.

?For the convenience of investors who want to increase their earnings several times, we have made it possible to accumulate accrued interest on the deposit and all referral accruals within partner program on a personal project account.

You can immediately reinvest the accumulated funds from your balance without having to perform unnecessary operations on transferring funds to your wallet and re-entering the deposit into the system, paying large commissions during each operation.

?There is another nice bonus. When you open a new deposit from your balance in the project, you receive + 0.5% to the deposit amount.

We make sure that participation in our project for investors is as attractive, profitable and comfortable as possible.

Complete Review Of

Technological breakthrough allows using even more investment opportunities. So, the holding company Gissis is not limited exclusively to its own partners in the face of legal entities, but also attracts individuals to investment activities through a worldwide network. Due to effective network marketing, they are able to attract large borrowed capital.

Clients have a unique opportunity to take part in the financing of various companies, firms and enterprises, without having at the same time impressive financial resources. Combining capital in a single network allows for the conclusion of large-scale agreements and increase financial turnover.

Significant investments (short-term, medium-term and long-term) bring large dividends and high interest rates for all partners and investors, and the official activities of the holding under the current legislation of the UK implies appropriate guarantees.

Special Features Of

Search for investment objects

The holding company analyzes the market in order to identify the most promising and loss-free subsidiaries for the purchase of an equity stake.

Integration of new companies into a single network

Horizontal and vertical integration, as well as the method of conglomerate diversification (on the principle of adjacency) are used to expand the network of the holding company.

Financing of subsidiaries

The holding company analyzes the market in order to identify the most promising and loss-free subsidiaries for the purchase of an equity stake.

Establishment of a common policy, control over the observance of their interests and the interests of conglomerates.

Even if holding has a smaller size than the controlled organization, they have the opportunity to dictate policy…

Company management

The founder of the holding company Gissis is Gregory Leroy, who was born in 1965 and raised in Dover, near the English channel. Edouard Leroy, Gregory’s father, was a successful owner of the Victoria hotel chain that determined the strong financial position of the family, the possibility of obtaining a good education and the availability of start-up capital for the younger Leroy to start his own business.


Gissis expanded its opportunities once again in 2019 in order to attract investments by launching this online platform, designed to attract as investors individuals-Internet users from around the world.

Highest security

Security is always top priority. They have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for users, which enhances the security factor.

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