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Godbex Ico Review : Secure and scalable next-generation gold bullion


About Godbex

Godbex gold in the form of gold bars (meeting Good Delivery standards¹) and digital currency exchange. With the synergy of highly educated experts, specialized in the fields of blockchain technologies, computer science, information technology, consulting and with many years of experience in gold bullion trading within Moro & Kunst Ltd² (hereinafter MORO), they are developing a platform which merges gold bullion and cryptocurrency trading and therefore combining the oldest and newest world’s currencies. Comparing the existing crypto exchanges, platform introduces several benefits.

Basic Information

Token NameGodbex
Token SymbolGBE
Social MediaGodbex Ico Review : Secure and scalable next-generation gold bullion Godbex Ico Review : Secure and scalable next-generation gold bullion
Token Price=====
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Godbex vision is to revolutionise the existing trading markets by linking the current and future cryptocurrencies with gold bullion and to maximize profit of customers by taking into account price changes of both mentioned financial assets. Moreover, by allowing direct value transfer from gold bars to cryptocurrencies and vice versa,clients will be able to eliminate potential losses due to the well-known volatility of the cryptocurrency price.

Project background

Bullion is gold, at least 995/1000 fine, in the form of bars or ingots. Bars are cast or minted. Sizes and purities match the requirements of international markets. Owning gold bullion is a form of financial insurance; gold adds security and minimizes risk in your investment portfolio. As there is a finite amount of physical gold in the world, gold’s relative purchasing power tends to remain stable during periods of inflation and diminishes the price volatility in periods of strong price disturbances on capital markets. For example, in 1985 the cost of a Troy ounce of gold was about the cost of a good-quality men’s suit. Allowing for some peaks and valleys in the market, today, one Troy ounce of gold still costs about the same as a good-quality men’s suit, even though the price in dollars has nearly quadrupled.

“Godbex” platform

The platform architecture is shows the Fig. 3. A user becomes part of the system by registering only once, filling in personal data and the Know Your Customer (KYC) form. Thus, by completing the registration process only once, the user gets access to all platform modules as described below. No further verification, activation orconfirmation is needed.

Gold Bullion Trading

Godbexcustomer will be able to buy and sell from 1 to 5,000 grams of gold bars, LBMA certified refineries, 999,9/1000 fine, using fiat currency and/or cryptocurrency. All traded gold bars will be settled on the allocated account basis. This is an account where a customer owns specific bars with a unique serial number. A buyer has automatic full legal ownership of the specific gold bars. Gold bar hallmark includes the name of Mint, mass, fineness, Assayer Founder and unique serial number.

Global Gold Bullion Delivery

A customer can order a straightforward fast and guaranteed delivery to his home address. The gold delivery is handled and completed by FedEx6 within a few business days. The gold supply is able to be delivered all over the world, in a counter value up to a maximum of EUR 50,000.00 per one delivery. The entire amount is fully insured, while the package is traceable. MORO has been delivering Gold bullions via FedEx since 2014 and this process has proven to be safe and time efficient.

Token sale

Sale of GBE token will be divided into two parts:
• Private sale: 10% bonus applied, without limiting number of tokens sold. All unsold tokens in Private sale will be automatically transferred to the Public Sale. Minimum contribution size 50 ETH.
• Public sale: Public sale will start on 24.09.2018 and it will last until 01.11.2018. All unsold tokens in Private sale will be available in this sale, without bonus available. Minimum contribution in value is 0.01 ETH.

Profit Forecast Description

Profit forecast table describe profit projection from Gold Bullion Market module collected fees and Exchange module collected fees for the first year after starting operation using Time series methods. Data used in this projections are real data from Moro company Gold Bullion market within past 2 years and moving averages for crypto markets within past 2
years. We are aiming to be financially profitable after introducing other 2 modules, Digital Bank module and Assets Management module.


Bojan Bratuša Co-founder

Tamara Beljak Co-founder

Mario Žanko Co-founder

Irena Moro Co-founder

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