Gold, Dollars, Bitcoin, What Is The Best Investment In 2019?

Gold has always been considered by investors as a “safe haven currency”.

According to Yahoo Finance’s December 16 report, gold has risen in the past three months, rising more than 4%, and will continue to rise in 2019. Chris Louney, commodities strategist at RBC Capital Markets, “Market volatility is once again present – ​​commodities, stocks, etc. If volatility persists, this will be key. This will allow investors to find a safe haven like gold.”

The US stock market has been falling since October due to various factors such as the possible global economic slowdown. Goldman Sachs’ precious metals analyst Mikhail Sprogis said that regardless of whether the economy really slows down, Goldman Sach believes that safe-haven trades such as gold in 2019 will continue to rise.

At the same time, the dollar is another major indicator on the market. Sprogis said,

“The price of gold and the dollar is inversely related. When the value of the dollar falls and loses value, investors tend to turn to alternative investments like gold.” 

However, despite the strong dollar, Sprogis believes that gold prices will have more room for growth in 2019.Goldman’s gold price target for the end of 2019 is $1,350, while RBC’s forecast is $1,338.

The relationship between Bitcoin and the US dollar is also particularly close.

USNews’ article in September 2018 mentioned that the strong pressure of the dollar has caused the cryptocurrency to be devalued. Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, said the damage to the cryptocurrency market in 2018 could take a long time to resolve.

CoinTelegraph’s report also contrasts the low volatility of fiat currencies with the high volatility of Bitcoin. The latter has a lower credibility due to its high volatility. Global central banks or securities regulators have therefore warned that people should be cautious about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but legal tenders are not always stable.

The historical US dollar index shows that the US dollar index tracks the value of a basket of six international currencies. The dollar index is geometrically averaged and tracks the value of the dollar against the euro, the yen, the pound, the Canadian dollar, the Swedish krona and the Swiss franc.

However, it is not difficult to guess that by observing the volatility history of the US dollar for ten years ,CoinTelegraph authors found that Bitcoin’s strongest volatility is stronger than the historical dollar volatility. In 2019, it is really hard to say what is invested.

The US stock market, which has recently suffered heavy losses, recovered on December 26, showing the biggest increase in history.

According to the Washington Post today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( Dow ) soared 1,086 points, up 4.98%.This is the largest daily percentage increase in the market since March 2009. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite Index (Nasdaq) rose 361 points to close at 6,554 points.

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