Goldiam Ico Review: The Future Of Mining Gold And Diamond

About Goldiam

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Goldiam is building its own blockchain because decentralized blockchain is a great first step towards more cryptographic future. The biggest advantages of decentralized blockchains in comparison to centralized databases are the cryptographic auditing and known identities. Nobody can tamper with the data, and mistakes can be traced back Private blockchains provide interesting opportunities for businesses to leverage [their] trustless and transparent foundation for internal and business-to-business use cases. With the advent of smart contracts, this technology could eventually replace many centralized businesses. Through this platform, the investors or users will be able to buy the Gold or Diamond(s) with Goldiam coins and keep their assets for as long as they want. On keeping the asset in the wallet for at least one month, the user will be rewarded with Goldiam coins. So, a user can have either Goldiam coin, Gold or Diamond(s) in his/her wallet. The user will even have the option to withdraw the Gold or Diamond(s) he/she has in his/her wallet. In such case, the companies partnering with Goldiam will ship the asset to the user’s address with proper security and license. Goldiam has
partnered with some valuable Gold and Diamond trading companies which would help us ensure the quality of the platform.

Basic Information

Token NameGOL
Token TypeEthereum
Social Mediafacebook icon - Goldiam Ico Review: The Future Of Mining Gold And Diamondtwitter icon - Goldiam Ico Review: The Future Of Mining Gold And Diamondtelegram icon Goldiam Ico Review: The Future Of Mining Gold And Diamond
Token Supply32,300,000 GOL
Token Price0.00076923 ETH
Soft Cap2,000 ETH
Hard Cap17,000 ETH

Currencies Accepted

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Features Of Goldiam

Money Transfer

With GlobeUnion platform, a user can now send and receive money from any part of the world to any part of the world anytime. GlobeUnion allows the users to spend the money collected as rewards or as profits on investment to anywhere in the world. So whether your acquaintances are in Australia, Europe or any another region is not an issue.

The monthly reward for asset-holders

The Goldiam users are provided with endless facilities and profit earning paths. With Goldiam platform the
users can earn several rewards by investing in Goldiam Coins. Not only this but they will be given rewards for holding Gold and/or Diamond(s) as well. Each user holding any of these three assets shall be eligible for rewards which can be utilized instantly.

Pure Gold and/or Diamond Shipment

Goldiam offers its users to either hold the Gold and/or Diamond(s) to their wallet and earn rewards every month or they can also withdraw these assets whenever they want and the assets will be shipped to their doorstep. With the help of our partner companies, the Goldiam is able to provide proper shipping without the need to worry about fake or frauds.


Goldiam has special concerns about the security of assets either it can be the licensing or fraud. With the help
of our partner companies, we always make sure that the Gold and/or Diamond(s) shipped, are proper in
weight, quality and are accompanied by original security license.


Blockchain disruption could be highly transformative in the payments process. It would enable higher security and lower costs for banks to process payment between organizations and their clients and even between banks themselves. In the current reality, there are a lot of intermediaries in the payment processing system, but blockchain would eliminate the need for a lot of them.

How Does It Work?

Goldiam is a blockchain technology-based platform which enables its users to make transactions and investments in an easier way using cryptocurrency – Goldiam Coin. Goldiam facilitates its users with some special features including multi-currency acceptance, money transfer, cryptocurrency exchange, a monthly reward for asset-holders, pure gold or diamond(s) shipping, and security. Goldiam is building its own blockchain since private blockchain would allow Goldiam to better facilitate its users in terms of faster, more cost-effective and secure platform because private blockchains in comparison to centralized databases are the cryptographic auditing and known identities.

Goldiam aims to make the investment and receiving assets easier for the users using blockchain. Through this platform, people can invest in Gold and Diamond markets without worrying about any decrease in rates upon selling due to the signature solution provided by Goldium.

Token Distribution

 50%Development  Support








The GOL would be used for all the transactions in Goldiam. Coins would be used for payments to buy Gold, Diamond. Coins can also be invested in Goldiambox wallet which can yield extra coins for the investors. The value earned depends upon the invested amount, so the total value accumulated in Goldiam Box Wallet at the end of the month is divided among investors. The supply of coins would be fixed in the genesis block to a 32,300,000. The coins can be mined or bought on an exchange. The users can buy minimum one gram of Gold using Goldiam Coins.

Market Anaysis

The analysis of the market for Gold and Diamond opens a whole new world for the people interested in them. The current Diamond trade market is valued at approximately US $60 billion a year, with consumers purchasing merchandise worth the US $20 billion annually. Only 5% of this US $20 billion market is purchased for investment purposes. For UK investors, Gold has topped the table 5 times since 2000 and beaten the FTSE all Share 10 times. Progressing all the way from that time Gold in 2017 then reflected fresh volatility in the Dollar’s exchange-rate value, lagging domestic and more notably overseas equities but rising 7.2%  for US investors. British investors, in contrast, saw Gold drop 1.4% as the Pound rallied hard from 2016’s Brexit-vote plunge. The potential market of Gold has a turnover of US $700 billion, with Gold and Gold derivative investments totaling 80% approximately. The remaining 20% are jewelry and industrial use.

GlobalUnion Wallet

GlobeUnion is Goldiam’s smart answer to money transfer. With GlobeUnion, you can change your GOL into fiat of your choice. At its core, GlobeUnion is a payment platform for family members, workers, and individuals all over the world to withdraw their money in fiat or cryptocurrency. This service will be international The GlobeUnion platform of the Goldiam allows the users to send and receive the cryptocurrencies from any part of the world and convert it to any currency they need. It is a multicurrency payment system which will allow family members, workers, and individual persons to withdraw money in fiat or cryptocurrency all around the world. The system will contain a wallet to accept multiple cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dbix, and Goldiam and allow people to convert it into fiat currency, anywhere, any time. This service will be international with the main aim to install Goldiam ATMs available worldwide for easy deposit and withdrawal for all our members.


MembersMourad Redjah – Founder & CEO

Nenad Balog – CTO

Daniela Nikolic – Supporter

Aleksandar Djordjevic – Full Stack Lead Developer

Sara Krstovic- Developer

Milos Loncar- Developer/CMO

Dragana Krstic- Graphic / Web Designer

Pankaj Sharma- Head of Marketing

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