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Founded in 2017, embarked to be one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining provider in the industry. Gominer is a group of programmers who are pioneer investors in cryptocurrency business. As company grew, Additional professionals is added in company to give clients the best service they deserve.

Gominer company is located on Ottawa, Canada which has the access to the cheapest power source providers in the world together with a cold season which is perfect for mining. The company also outsourced multiple clean energy provider for additional power source for greater power efficiency, thus, with lower power cost and more profit gains. company started from scratch till the bloom of cryptocurrency, through experience, they understand every detail and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Gominer is dedicated about the business and providing best services, through this, they assure every client to deliver quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed profit.


Client satisfaction is company main focus, achieved through proficient hard work. Empowering professionals with specific work specialties maximizes the company capabilities. In company, everyone work hard together as a team to provide excellent service.


To be the top and most trusted cloud mining provider in a global scale which provides the convenience of cryptocurrency mining for everyone that gives the highest and fastest earnings for each client.

Core Values company core values support its vision to be the best in what they do. It will describe company’s identity and distinction from other cloud mining companies. Some of core values also describes our technical competency and how they deliver quality services to clients.

How Gominer Works?

Buy Gotoken (GT)

Register and Buy Gotoken from Pre-sale and have a chance to save up to 100% and avail the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

Start Mining using your GT:

Purchase a hashpower using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have one year validity and with a FREE 14 days electricity fee.

Pay as You Go System

Pay only what you use, Compare to other cloud mining. we offer a very short contract as 2 weeks, Pre pay or Add Days later if you think your mining are profitable.

Stake or Withdraw your profits

Mining starts instantly right after you purchase your mining contract. Stake your earnings or Withdraw earnings without a fee.

Gominer Ecosystem

  • Wallet

    Gominer wallet transaction is signed by an authentic digital signature before it is sent to blockchain. This complete process makes the applicaiotn a safe place for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  • Gominer Platform

    Gominer is the First Cloud Mining Service powered by Gotokens (GT), Hashpower Contracts and Maintenance Contracts are purchased using Gotoken.

  • Digital Currency Exchange

    Gotoken (Cryptocurrency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

  • Merchant

    As token utility, GT holders will be able to spend it or use it on purchasing daily goods or services online with our different affiliated partners.

  • Retails Platform

    Is a secure retail platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store their Gotoken, eg. Coinbase.

Core Business

Gominer Cloud Mining

Gominer Inc. created the first token-based cloud mining in the industry of cryptocurrency. Cloud mining is now the top choice of people who wants to join and earn thru cryptocurrency ecosystem and Gominer understands the trend, that’s why we created the Gominer Cloud Mining to more smart and efficient.

Smart because of the GM Multiminer, it switches between different altcoins and constantly calculate which coin is the most profitable to mine at the moment. Two key factors are involved in the algorithm that calculates profitability, the block time and the price on the exchange.

Gominer Hardware

Gominer developed and created a Mining rig dedicated in crypto currency mining, The Mining rig is the first upgradable rigs in the market powerful yet efficient, GMX-R1 is Developed for years to help the crypto mining ecosystem. GMX-R1 is powered with Multi-Mining Algorithm to make mining profitable, GMX-R1 platform is also developed to be friendly to user so no advance knowledge needed to operate and start to mine.

Advance Chipset

GMX-R1 is equipped with 5nm mining chip that is 85% more powerful and 65% more energy efficient than older mining chipset.

Daisy Chain System

GMX-R1 is capable to inter connect multiple rigs upto 32 units to maximize performance and save upto 97% of network cost.

GM Hash Bridge

GMX-R1 can produce a more stable hashrates and perform the maximum capacity using Hash bridge by connecting upto 5 GMX-R1 Asic.

Why Multimining?

Up to 150-300% Profitable

Gominer GMX-R1 Technology uses Multiple Trusted 3rd party Api accomplished with Our Private Neural Network to predict chain of profitable crypto currency. This unique approach maximize the performance of crypto mining and guaranteed increase the profit potency compared to a single algorithm mining.

Efficient Energy

Multi-mining can be very energy efficient by prioritizing the most effective coin to mine at the moment. Bitcoin mining difficulty are sometimes more volatile and hard to mine compare to other Crypto. Our smart multi mining system automatically determines the most efficient and effective coin to mine and will save both Energy and wasted Computing power.

Asset Diversification

Asset diversification is a Feature to Protect the Company Asset incase of Market Dump and Capitulation. Most of the Time BTC Suffers the most when capitulation, To Protect the Clients and Investors Assets, we Diversify the Mining to reduce the risk of Liquidation and ofcourse to receive more profits when market is on Bullish state compared to Single Algorithm.

Key features of GoMiner

Token Based Cloud Mining

Gominer is the First Cloud Mining Service powered by Gotokens (GT), Hashpower Contracts and Maintenance Contracts are purchased using Gotoken.

Smart Mining System

To gain and secure profits, Gominer system is powered by Private Neural Network to predict and select the list of profitable crypto in terms of network difficulty and value.

Rapid TX

With Gominer RAPIDTX System its using Fully Advanced Blockchain API, They Proccess all Transactions almost instantly, In/Out Seamless Transaction.

Why Choose Gominer?

Fast Support company’s 24/7 live support are eager to fulfill every clients requests in every way in real time.

  • ✔️ Escalate Account Issue Instantly
  • ✔️ Recover 2 Step Login
  • ✔️ Ask us how to use Gominer
  • ✔️ Legal Consent about Gominer

Live Dashboard

With live dashboard you can monitor everything that happens on your mining processes and earnings in real time.

  • ✔️ Monitor your Earnings in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor your RIGS Temperature in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor your Wattage usage in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor Your Multi Algorithm Hashpower in Realtime

Reward System

Invite your friends to Gominer and get a great amount of Token if your friends purchased a hashpower.

  • ✔️ Free 30 GH for every 1 User you connect with Gominer.
  • ✔️ Up to 20% of Bonus for each succesful Bounty.
  • ✔️ Weekly Rewards for all Inviter and Invitees.
  • ✔️ Gain bonus by using the referral link.

Maximize Profits

With Expert Mining Group and Advanced Mining Algorithm, Optimized for Maximum profit compare to Traditional Mining Services.

  • ✔️ Free 14 Days No Electricity Fee every contract.
  • ✔️ Mined all Profitable Crypto at once.
  • ✔️ Profitable even in Expired Contract.
  • ✔️ Automatic Convert All Mined assets to GT & BTC ( no Fees ).

Click Here To Join

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