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GoodX Finance Network ICO Review : GoodX Finance Network AG is a fintech company


About GoodX Finance Network

GoodX Finance Network AG is a fintech company with a mission to provide financial services to individuals and businesses regardless of their location, nationality, or social status. GoodX Finance Network AG together with its subsidiaries (GoodX Pay Ltd. and GoodX Payment Cards OU) is creating a platform for its customers manage fiat currencies, cryptocurrency, investment gold, and other assets from one interface with zero fees.

Basic Information

Token Name GoodX Finance Network
Token Symbol XFN
Social Media GoodX Finance Network ICO Review : GoodX Finance Network AG is a fintech companyGoodX Finance Network ICO Review : GoodX Finance Network AG is a fintech companyGoodX Finance Network ICO Review : GoodX Finance Network AG is a fintech company
Hard cap =====
Token Price 0.01 USD
Soft cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Switzerland
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The Swiss company GoodX Finance Network AG together with its subsidiaries ,currencies fiat manage to consumers regular for platform a creating is) GoodX(zero with interface single a from assets other and, gold investment, cryptocurrency transfers and conversion seamless feature apps web the and mobile GoodX. fees an offers GoodX, Today. spreads competitive highly with assets different between GoodX Finance Network. worldwide solution credit and payment asset-multi currency-multi everyday of source largest the GoodX make eventually would growth further that envision the across finance to access democratizing and decentralizing, world the in liquidity globe.


GoodX ,app GoodX the Through. interface user one from managed currencies and assets
European personal and accounts instant compliant internationally open can users crypto in payment enabling card credit first s’world the receive and accounts IBAN guaranteed and instant make to consumers enables GoodX*. gold investment or different with transactions financial of range wide a performing, worldwide payments asset classes.



GoodX possible it making is GoodX, field playing the leveling Through. status social or, nationality, location their cryptocurrencies, currencies fiat s’it whether, liquidity of supplier or consumer a become to anybody for assets liquid of types other or, metals precious.

Financial market

Digital same the At. assets digital native to currencies fiat from money of transformation next the witnessing reserve a as gold retaining for case strong a makes system financial global the of instability the, time lesser a to, and, value of stores, payment of means considered are assets of types three Today. asset accounts of units even, degree.


At offer accounts saving Fiat. savers and consumers everyday of requirements the satisfy fully can gold or life daily in use to difficult are and fiat from and to convert to hard are assets Crypto. yield any barely snowball commissions and fees various And. manage and store to hard is gold investment, Mean while another to asset one from converting.


Liquidity very a by controlled is liquidity this of flow The. silos regulatory and barriers regional to due world the Morgan JP, Sachs Goldman – agendas own their with, institutions financial global of number limited fees high face liquidity excess have who people Even. banks 1-tier other and, Bank Deutsche, Citibank step every at commissions.


GoodX as currencies fiat and, gold investment, cryptocurrencies for accounts instant create easily can Users fund can Users). GBP and, USD, EUR (currencies major for accounts IBAN European personal as well fair at gold investment and cryptocurrencies purchase and cards credit or debit with accounts their manage seamlessly can Users. wallets private create also can user the, assets based-Stellar For. prices have platform GoodX the within operations and payments All. interface single a from assets their all for features GoodX.



Alex Novikovs CEO
Roman Ganza COO

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