Harbor Ico Review: Blockchain-based decentralized application store

About Harbor

Harbor Platform provides a library that allows software licenses to be securely managed using a block-chain network and to facilitate in-app billing using cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the company aims to build cross-platform support, easy software sales, and a simple in-app payment system. As a retailing channel for software sales, the company provides a Harbor Store and support various applications using block-chain technology. Harbor is next generation decentralized software distribution platform. A cross-platform application marketplace that supports iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, and runs on a decentralized Ethereum network.

Basic Information

Token Name HBR
Token Sale ====
Social Media Harbor Ico Review: Blockchain-based decentralized application storeHarbor Ico Review: Blockchain-based decentralized application storeHarbor Ico Review: Blockchain-based decentralized application store
Token Price =====
Platform Ethereum
Token Supply =====
Hard Cap =====
Soft Cap 1,000 ETH
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High Price Volatility

Many cryptocurrencies cannot be used in real life as they have high price volatility. Above all, both sellers who sell products on the Harbor platform and consumers are at great risk of loss due to changes in currency value.

Diversity of Cryptocurrencies and Limited Supply

Excluding well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, many cryptocurrencies have disadvantages in that they could not be actively used because of limited supply. Harbor Token can implement a monetary policy that responds to market conditions or a strategic monetary policy based on the growth cycle of the harbor platform. It helps to build a wealth of asset portfolios and, in the long term, to increase influence on the cryptocurrency market by expanding supply.

Risk of Failure of Commercialization

As many cryptocurrencies are based on abstract ideas, it is not clear if they can be commercialized in many cases. Even if it is commercialized, there is still a risk that the service will fail in the market, consume all the assets previously invested and the value of the currency will decline.

Advantages of asset-based Currency

Harbor Token manages most of the assets excluding development fund and the founder’s share in asset contracts, unlike other currencies. This will reduce the risk of fund operations through the Foundation by creating a development fund with the minimum cost necessary for commercialization, and be minimizing losses of investors resulted from the failure in commercialization and services.

Basic Asset Value

By retaining some of the assets as a base asset in the asset management contract, it makes sure that the value and reliability of the currency which may not be sufficient prior to commercialization of the service.

Interchangeable Tokens

All of the Harbor Tokens issued based on the base asset can be converted base asset through asset management contract at any time. The exchange rate depends on the currency issuance conditions and money supply settings specified in the asset management contract. This creates the appropriate lowest price, minimizes the loss of the investor and gives the current growth momentum.

Configuration of Diverse Asset Portfolio

It spread risks associated with asset value changes by building a diverse asset portfolio and not being bound to a specific currency, through the additional issuance of other blockchain network currencies such as other ERC-based currencies or Bitcoins as well as Ethereum.

Value Creation through Redistribution of Currency Issuance Income

A part of profits from Harbor Token issuance shall be used for harbor platform, sellers, and consumers. Harbor Platform is a distribution platform based on software license management, distribution, and security services. Investing in the Harbor Platform reduces the cost of software distribution, license management, and security systems, and provides more specialized services to create value. It supports software development, advertisement, events and publishing for sellers. Sellers can create value through software and contents development and sales. Consumers can get various software and contents with convenience at a low price. It creates value for consumers by secure a stable distribution channel. Profits from the issuance of Harbor Token will be invested in platform development, sellers, and consumers.


It pursues common interests with Harbor currency market by maintaining a share of the founder. It allows you to pursue long-term goals of profit realization through platform value growth rather than short-term profit-seeking goals.

How is it managed and controlled?

Basically, the company aims to minimize market interference. Harbor currencies are intended to serve as a fuel for the Harbor Platform ecosystem and to help stabilize the currency value and reduce the risk of excessive speculation and investment. Since most monetary policies involve the issuance of currencies and the regulation of the currency volume by market participation, its role is limited unlike existing managed currencies such as Dollars and Euros whose monetary volume is decided by corresponding Central Banks.

Establishing the Basis of Monetary Policy

The basys of monetary policy is to provide direction for long-term monetary policy. It is determined after defining the current situation considering the current level of growth of the Harbor Platform ecosystem and the value and dominance of the Harbor Token in the market, setting agenda for discussion and then discussing the chosen agenda. Establishing the basis of policy does not include specific activities such as control of money volume. This presents policy direction to the market, reducing confusion and allowing investors to make some predictions, avoiding excessive speculation and maintaining long-term growth momentum.

Jinhyoung Jeon – SYSTEM ARCHITECT,

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