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HealPoint ICO Review : A Blockchain Based Healthcare Platform


About HealPoint 

HealPoint is a blockchain-based healthcare platform delivering second opinion consensus from multiple experts at a time, thus reducing the risk of misdiagnosis. It is the real-time service which uses telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical healthcare from a distance. Related to telehealth is telemedicine, which uses services that provide two-way communications.

Basic Information

Token Name HealPoint
Token Symbol HLP
Social Media HealPoint ICO Review : A Blockchain Based Healthcare PlatformHealPoint ICO Review : A Blockchain Based Healthcare Platform
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries No restrictions
Token supply =====
Country United States of America
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Benefits of telemedicine

Nearly every country in the world has a growing population of elderly patients and a continued prevalence of chronic diseases. These factors increase a demand for finding new ways to establish access to healthcare services, improve patient outcomes and reduce the associated costs. Telemedicine is capable of solving these problems by using remote patient monitoring to distantly collect and direct information to a diagnostic testing facility for interpretation and possible future treatment.


Currently, there are 26 states that have “parity” laws requiring private insurers to reimburse healthcare providers for services delivered through telemedicine. There are 10 more states considering legislation to do the same. These laws generally say that private payers can’t take the patient’s location into account when deciding to cover a video visit, making it possible for covered patients to be at home or at work during the encounter.



HealPoint is the online second opinion platform that allows users to become telemedicine patients and get a second opinion for their diagnosis from hundreds of doctors around
the world. An artificial intelligence algorithm will calculate and evaluate the probability of the diagnosis and match the patient with a doctor in a chosen country who can prescribe the treatment plan if applicable. Using the HealPoint platform doctors can consult patients about an injury, diagnose an illness, or write a prescription without actually seeing patient in-person.

Patients usage

HealPoint is a platform that will empower patients by allowing them to receive a second opinion in a matter of hours from doctors around the world. Patients will access the service via any internet-enabled device, choose from a suggested list of health concerns/ diseases and provide symptom and health history information through a process called the “online evaluation interview”, which will be aimed at gathering relevant information. After patient creates a diagnosis request, the system will aggregate this data into a clinical profile.

Doctors usage

In order to register as a practicing doctor with HealPoint, doctors will need to provide the necessary information including proof of the licensing to practice medicine in a certain country/state. A certified team at HealPoint will manually review and validate the submitted information. In order to decrease the possibility of fraudulent applications, each doctor will be asked to make a security deposit in ether (ETH) value tokens, which will be bound with a smart contract.


SchellingCoin basically works as follows: N parties all put into the system the value of a given datum (eg. the ETH/USD price), the values are sorted, and everyone between the 25th and 75th percentile gets one token as a reward. Everyone has the incentive to provide the answer that everyone else will provide, and the only value that a large number of players can realistically agree on is the obvious default: the truth. Before implementing SchellingCoin itself, there is one other contract that will need to create: a sorting function.

Business model

HealPoint will charge a fee per transaction for non-members and a monthly subscription fee
for members. As the community expands the transaction volume will increase. Studies show as many as 20% of patients seek second medical opinions. Most health plans do not cover second opinions, and even if coverage is available under the specific health plan,most
insurance companies will require procedure codes to process reimbursements. Currently the median cost for a second opinion varies from $550 to $980. HealPoint will provide much more than a second opinion.




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