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HELIXHILLS ICO Review : HELIXHILLS is a platform that uses blockchain infrastructure


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HELIXHILLS is a platform that uses blockchain infrastructure and that has been created to help consumers, service providers, and professional consultants automate the algorithms for selecting business partners and concluding deals, record interaction time and bill the relevant parties using corresponding tariffs, and provide instant loans to reliable users.

Basic Information

Token SymbolHILL
Social MediaHELIXHILLS ICO Review : HELIXHILLS is a platform that uses blockchain infrastructure HELIXHILLS ICO Review : HELIXHILLS is a platform that uses blockchain infrastructure HELIXHILLS ICO Review : HELIXHILLS is a platform that uses blockchain infrastructure
Hard cap40,000 ETH (7,285,080 USD)
Token for sale65,000,000 HILL
Soft cap2,000 ETH
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Globalization is inevitable,the abundance that the market offers, makes the sophisticated consumer look for something from the proposed, which will emphasize her/his individuality and create the very feeling of special satisfaction, maintaining a high standard market place (and this is about the standards). Yet here in Services Market one more contradiction is created. The paradox of the modern market of services lies in the fact that in the conditions of serialization and standardization of business processes, the main emphasis of marketing is the individuality and flexibility of the approach to the specific customer.


At the same time, research in the field of psychology and professional skills shows “That a person who has identified a key skill begins to develop rapidly and even if it is a hobby, after a while he/she becomes a professional. With the development of a key skill executives work more efficiently and can substantially increase income and attain more satisfaction from life. By honing the skills the professional successfully integrates standardization and exclusivity and receives special competitive advantages giving their customers special satisfaction. When ordering even the simplest service HELIXHILLS want to know that they have chosen the best professional, whose time and skills have been affordable for us.


Ecological system

HELIXHILLS believe that, just as our planet is a unified ecological system the process of full integration of the economy will cover the whole world. This is solid foundation for creating new platforms. Platforms that face new needs and outrun current market offers. In the post-industrial era humanity strives to ensure that each individual sets herself/himself higher standards of selfrealization and thus, at the same time her/his skill must grow in a particular sphere. In the post-industrial era of the development of civilization time has
become an increasingly expensive resource.


To achieve this goal HELIXHILLS has developed tools to improve not only the selection of potential executor, but also the promptness, availability and quality of service delivery. HELIXHILLS will offer the Services Market tools that will make the purchase of the service so very easy that will become second nature to most users to obtain a quality professional solution to any need. And they will be confident enough to recommend a professional service to another user and to receive a worthy reward with minimal effort.


By registering on the platform, the users automatically execute a smart contract and become participants of the entire ecosystem. The contract contains the basic terms and conditions applicable to the interaction between the participants. Newly registered users also receive free HELIXHILL tokens during the initial stage of attracting participants. Therefore, 12% of tokens will be distributed to facilitate the launching of the system.
Tokens enable users to participate in transactions without investing their personal funds.

Service provider

Another ecosystem participant, a service provider, can sell tokens on the platform or on the exchange after receiving them as payment for the work performed. Therefore, service providers can convert their income into any currency, without paying any additional fees. Tools that simplify the search for partners on HELIXHILLS enable the participants to use standardized automation of search and selection process with allowance for the geolocation information making the selection process as rational as possible and providing both parties with the greatest satisfaction from cooperation.


This statement is true for any service whether provided online or offline as even in the case of an ordinary household service the consumer will receive special satisfaction from the level of service with which it will be provided owing to the selection systems and monitoring of the implementation of agreements etc. As the resources spent and the quality of performance will favorably differ from the traditional methods of searching for service providers. As for the services that can be provided using the HELIXFUSION tool for the first time the consumers will get exactly what they want as easily as if they were purchasing regular consumer products.




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