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Heta Ico Review : A Blockchain Platform for the Smart Economy


About Heta 

Heta sidechains allow you to easily deploy an enterprise blockchain, hosted however and wherever you want. Heta Bridge Protocol allows you to securely submit data to the main chain for verification, paying HETA tokens for this service.

Heta  In practice, this allows you to move your application to its own blockchain so it benefits from the full speed of the network, without sharing resources with other applications. At the same time, you benefit from the immutability and infrastructure public Main Net provides.

Basic Information

Token Name Heta
Token Symbol HETA
Social Media Heta Ico Review : A Blockchain Platform for the Smart Economy
Price ====
Language English
Country Unspecified
No Restriction
Soft CAp ====
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Blockchain Platform for the Smart Economy

Blockchain platforms have exploded in popularity over recent years – but how many are solutions that don’t work, for problems that don’t exist?

Instead of focusing on technology, they asked business partners about the challenges they face. Then  they surveyed the state of the art in blockchain and chose the solutions that best addressed those challenges.

The result is HetaChain: a blockchain with broad applications across government, business, and communities.


One block at a time, the data stored on a blockchain grows without an upper bound to file size. They implement side chains and connections to 3rd party offchain databases, so that businesses can manage the size of their ledger.


Only Hetachain’s main network is necessarily public. The side chains can be either public or private, ensuring data is kept confidential when the need arises.


Distributed applications built on Hetachain can be frozen or updated with flexible role-based permission system, making it easier to develop for our platform. Dapps can be distributed in Dapp Store, or quickly put together using our drag-and-drop Dapp Builder.


They use a Byzantine fault tolerant, delegated proof of stake (DPoS+BFT) consensus model to provide a high number of transactions per second without compromising security. They plan to have a limit of 33 delegate nodes to keep consensus time low.

Heta main network will be able to run smart contracts written in C++, Solidity and others. This means there is already an established community of developers and documentation to get started building your application.

Understanding Problems Before Building Solutions

Many blockchain projects promise to ‘revolutionize’ or ‘disrupt’ industries with new, yet to be developed technologies. This is the last thing they want to do!

At Hetachain, we’ve focused first on building a network of businesses willing to adopt blockchain technologies. Then we asked them what features it would need to have, and assembled the best set of currently existing technologies that provide those features. They want evolution, not revolution.

Global Network

Through strategic partnerships with investment companies, we’ve inherited relationships with their subsidiaries. This is an opportunity to build a platform that spans multiple industry verticals including government, retail, payment, insurance, F&B, and real estate.

Business Optimization

By tapping the expertise of global network, they will build a blockchain platform that provides a rich set of solutions that apply to a wide variety of businesses.


Heta network across multiple industries provides us with committed early adopters of our platform, solving the chicken-and-egg problem in platform development. In other words, we’ve already attained the critical mass required for a strong business ecosystem on Hetachain.

The HETA Token

HETA is the native token of the HetaChain Main Network. All network usage fees are paid in Heta.

Transaction fees on Hetachain are paid when sending HETA, when sidechain data needs to be validated by the main network, or when smart contracts need to be called on the main network.

Heta is received by users if they participate in the consensus or validation process of either the Main Network or one of the sidechains. These processes are distinct due to our use of delegated proof of stake.

The fees and reward for validation will depend on the amount of processing required, to ensure all sidechains can obtain fair use of the main network.

Mr. Mohammad Ahli Co-founder
Mr. Ali Juma Alajme Co-founder
Mr. Rajesh Gunani Co-founder
Mr. Nagesh Ananth Prabhu Co-founder & CTO

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