Heymate Ico Review : A Deal-Closing Platform For Micro-Entrepreneurs


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About Heymate

Heymate the transaction is closing platform for micro entrepreneurs. Heymate will build its platform with blocking technology, specifically clever contracts, with two crypts to perform critical transaction closing functions.

Heymate platform features include the offer terms and conditions for the negotiation and signing of simplification, the tax escrow management and dispute resolution services and B2B partners ecosystem offerings, providing additional services (such as insurance, loans, savings plans, etc.) micro-entrepreneurs support.

Token Basic Information

Token NameHeymate
Token SymbolHEY
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Easy for micro-entrepreneurs to deal with three main areas

Contracting: Set up and negotiations of the terms and conditions of an offer

Payment: Escrow and settlement

Support and Benefits: B2B services (such as insurance, loans, savings plans, etc.) to support your small business as it grows


Best of all: Heymate does not depend on a sizeable community or network effects: heymate delivers value from its 1st user onwards: it works for everybody – everywhere. On the street, social media and everywhere in between. 100 million people will be able to do business for their first time. And everyone else will be able to close a deal 100 times faster. Thank you, blockchain.

Heymate mobile app

The best business tool ever was the handshake, because it was the most simple and trustful way to close a deal. It worked for everybody – everywhere. The heymate mobile app enables you to build the terms and conditions of your offer and close a deal within 20 seconds — just like the good old handshake. Discover the Heymate mobile app, a deal-closing app for millennials, by millennials.

Key functions of Heymate platform


The Heymate platform is used to ensure that the two parties that engage in some exchange of services/goods are protected through an easy-to-create and easy-to-understand agreement (“a deal”) that contains the typical aspects covered by a professional-grade contract, including charges, insurance, timeline, cancellation policy, etc.

Trust building through mutual ratings

Mutual ratings provided by service consumers/providers on a deal is an essential part of the heymate platform. Completing the rating is a mandatory step, before payment can be released and the contract closed. heymate freelancers vouch for their reputation towards successful completion of a job by staking an agreed-to amount of HMR tokens. When an offer is accepted, these staked HMR tokens are disposed of by both parties” but earned back (with a bonus, based on the rating received) after successful completion.

Dispute resolution

The Heymate contracting process is structured to encourage freelancers and clients to meet their commitments by removing any ambiguities about the terms and conditions of the contract. However, despite the step-by-step guidance that heymate offers to simplify the deal-making process, disputes between the contracting parties are sometimes inevitable. heymate offers various ways by which disputes can be resolved.

Use of the heymate Utility Tokens

The Heymate system depends on two utility tokens, HEY and HMR, for its use. Figure 8 shows the way the stakeholders in the heymate system interact using the HEY and HMR tokens, with these exchanges described in the following subsections.

Smart Contracts

Each accepted job record on the backend server is assigned to a single Escrow smart contract created on the blockchain. The Escrow smart contract is linked to the Job record stored via an identifier as well as a hash of the job record. Thus, any after-the-fact change to a Job record should be readily detectable. The Escrow smart contract also includes the amount of HEY tokens held in escrow and the amount of HMR tokens that were staked, as well as the state of the job (e.g., open, active, completed, in dispute, frozen, with other states to be defined and added as needed).

Go-to-Market and Growth strategy

The management of Heymate has decided to enter into the public crowdsale only when a fully functioning and publicly released of the heymate deal-closing app will be available for download on Google Play and Apple App stores. Before introducing the heymate deal closing app, we describe the type of user — the millennial side hustlers — we expect to attract to it. We describe this demographic in the following subsection.

HEY token

All interactions using heymate require the use of the HEY token. An initial deposit of HEY tokens is provided by heymate when the app is first downloaded to kickstart the user’s engagement with the tool, after which additional HEY tokens can be converted using inter-wallet credit-card solutions or potentially at various exchanges. HEY tokens can also be sold at exchanges or converted to fiat currency via payment gateway providers.

HEY token is the medium of exchange or value transfer in the Heymate ecosystem. Payments for services or assets are denominated in HEY tokens by the heymate system.




MemberPhilipp Toth, CEO & Founder
Frank Hartmann, CTO & Founder
David Victor Bisang, Chairman of the Board & Founder
Nick, Team Lead and Smart Contract Engineer
Vladimir D, Back-end Specialist & DevOps Engineer

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