What Is Hiroki (HIRO)? Complete Guide & Review About Hiroki

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What Is Hiroki (HIRO)?

Hiroki is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, it was originally supposed to be a meme token but with the support they are getting from the community we decided to go a bit further into the development of our very own Blockchain as our major utility and also the creation of unique swap that will use the $HIRO token as it’s governance token with a unique function embedded in the smart contract to burn 1% of fees collected from the swap usage to burn $HIRO token there by reducing the supply over time there by making it truly deflationary.

The development of our blockchain will feature functions such as covering many transactions per second and the gas fees will be extremely low to encourage builders to build on the Blockchain but not too low so as to incentivize validators on the Blockchain. The HiroChain (HIROC) is a new home for our community’s crypto content.

Hiroki Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHiroki
Short NameHIRO
Total Supply 10,000,000,000
Max Supply10,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


Hiroki is a community-driven project which aims to create a new web3 ecosystem, designed by and for community.


In order to ensure the safety of your funds and to attract more investors, the liquidity pool for the token is locked and the link to it is pinned in group chat. The team has also done a full KYC with strategic partners, they are live 24/7 on Telegram to address any issues and they plan to hold regular AMAs to answer any questions and concerns that holders may have. Remember! The team will never DM you first, if you think someone impersonates us, please report it straightaway.


Despite it being a fully community-driven project, the dev team continuously works behind the scenes to help push it forward and ensure successful development of marketing strategy. So far, they managed to bring on board some of the biggest influencers in the BSC space (1m+ followers combined), secure multiple listings on popular sites and setup plans for a huge social media marketing campaign.

Future plans

Hiroki Coin dev team has clear and achievable long-term plans for the project. The goal is to build a new blockchain and an easy-to-use dapp platform to unleash the true creativity of community. The team consists of experienced devs with successful previous projects and in order to attract bigger investors, the team is being completely transparent about their plans to get there and regularly shares updates with the community.


Finally, the community they have established so far is amazing. It is buzzing with positive vibes and makes it easy to just FOMO in when you see how excited everyone is about what they do. They are holding regular games and competitions for all community members to participate in, and a ton of rewards is being given away every day to honour the most active members and followers. Welcome to HIRO’s diamond handed DeFi community.

HIRO token

HIRO is a new utility token on the Binance Smart Chain network. It was originally designed to allow the community to fund-raise the development of the HiroChain and support the growth of community’s projects (DeFi, NFTs and web3 applications) on the HiroDapps platform. Being the core of the project and the main pillar of the Hiroki ecosystem, eventually the token will be developed into a community-driven governance coin to give a chance to our community members, hodlers and all diamond hands, to have an influence to on the future of this enterprise.


The HiroChain (HIROC) is a new home for community’s crypto content. This new blockchain will allow our creators and supporters to store, share, stream and trade any digital experience on the blockchain. The high-performance network offers security and control over your data and content, with smart contracts and next generation security based on blockchain technology. It is built for the creator’s economy and with monetization opportunities in mind, allowing the users to create and sell digital assets (NFTs) minted on platform and feature useful functions such as; event ticketing, paid content streaming and more.


The development of the new blockchain offers a plethora of opportunities for most creative and entrepreneurial community members. To be able to create a truly new and fully functioning ecosystem, they will search for and vote, for the best ideas and creative visions for useful dApps within community, this way giving a chance to any of you to develop your ideas in real life and build something unique with the support of the team and collected funds. In order to continuously bring value to holders they will initially focus on the developments that incentivize holding of the token and/or attract new investors to the project.


Auto LP

1% of every transaction will be added to token liquidity, guaranteeing reduction in price volatility and increased stability for future transactions.

Marketing Fee

6% of each purchase will be allocated to the marketing wallet. At the current stage, this will be invested in rising token awareness among various channels and community growth.

Team Fee

1% is used to pay the developer, hired to run the back end of the project, and to reward our dedicated team for the management of community channels, games and competitions.


Hiroki is a community-driven project which aims to create a new web3 ecosystem, designed by and for community..


– Idea development and Core Team formation

– Smart Contract testing

– Planning the marketing strategy

– Creating community channels (TG, Twitter, Facebook)

– Securing strategic partnerships


– PancakeSwap listing

– Community games and giveaways

– Website launch and roadmap release

– Post launch marketing through crypto influencers, social media accounts etc.

– 500+ TG members

– 200+ holders

– Community voting on our main utility

– 100k+ marketcap


– Announcement of key business partners and investors

– Whitepaper release

– Partnerships with listing sites; CMC, CoinGecko etc.

– More social media marketing to promote the project

– 500+ Twitter followers

– 3,000+ TG members

– 1,000+ holders

– Influencer ambassador program

– 1m+ market cap


– Roadmap and Whitepaper update

– 2,000+ Twitter followers

– 10,000+ TG members

– 5,000+ holders

– Development of the HiroChain (HIROC) and the HiroDapps platform

– 10m+ market cap


– Governance token and DAO proposal

– 100m+ market cap

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